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How come Matt Damon wasn't one of the choices?

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Apparently, token non-sensical female team comics are better appreciated than strong female characters with their own titles.

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They probably fired her because she didn't want to be some backseat to Snyder's crossovers. When everyone was pissed and started boycotting DC, they probably hired her on and said she wouldn't have to be a part of the next crossover. Mark my word: when Snyder makes another cross-over, it will not include Batgirl.

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Rogue is a terrible leader. Anyone else would be better.

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@deathpixie60: I'm glad it worked out. And you don't need to thank me. Just help the rest of the community. I haven't been on the site as much as I'd like to, so I think they definitely need people like you to spur on others and help them out in their time of need. It's a good day to be deathpixie60, yeah?

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  1. Batman
  2. Huntress
  3. Barry Allen
  4. Tim Drake
  5. Scarlet Witch
  6. Dum Dum Dugan
  7. Power Girl
  8. Emma Frost
  9. Cassandra Cain
  10. War Machine
  11. Donna Troy
  12. Sinestro
  13. Dr. Doom
  14. Rhino
  15. Bart Allen
  16. Lois Lane
  17. Iron Man
  18. Wonder Girl
  19. Norm Osborn
  20. Fire
  21. Kitty Pryde
  22. Carol Ferris
  23. Galacticus
  24. Guardian
  25. Human Torch
  26. General Ross
  27. Electro
  28. Punisher
  29. J. Jonah Jameson
  30. Jarvis
  31. Booster Gold
  32. Archangel
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@divingfalcon713: The DCnU on their web site is divided first into three families, the Superman family, the Batman family and the Green Lantern family. The rest are divided into Justice League, Dark, Edge and Young Justice. Within Justice League, there is one comic called Wonder Woman. In the 1990s, Batman had his back broken, Superman was killed and Green Lantern turned evil. Those were the three ideas they had to shake up the DCU. I don't remember Wonder Woman doing anything nearly as significant. And in the last decade, the two most significant DC books have been Green Lantern and Batman. Not even Superman has been able to compare to Johns and Morrison. And both Batman and Green Lantern have basically accepted all of their history into the new DCU, whereas both Wonder Woman and Superman are completely rebooted. I suppose Wonder Woman's logo is historically more recognizable than Green Lantern's, but I think that is quickly becoming less and less the truth. I think the evidence, at least of the last thirty years, points to the fact that Wonder Woman is the vestigial limb of the DC trinity. The only circles that accept her accept her because of what she used to be.

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@divingfalcon713: When I hear your comment, I think I'm still stuck in the Golden Age. :)

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Batwoman is an alternative to sexism? How many clothing change scenes did they have in that issue?

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Aquaman is one of my favorite of the entire reboot.