Spoiler Alert: DC Universe On-Line Legends #10

Spoiled: DC Universe On-Line Legends #10 (comic book) 
This issue, titled "Facts," was an interesting foray into the meaning of facts. As Lex Luthor parades through the streets of Metropolis as the one who saved the bottled Daily Planet building from Brainiac (which, if you remember, was a ruse anyways), the employees of the Daily Planet understand that Luthor is far from a hero, but as a respectful newspaper Perry White requires the facts before he can publish a defamatory article about Lex Luthor. Batman wishes to confront the Justice League and specifically Superman with the facts regarding Superman's selfishness in saving Lois rather than people in greater harm because he needs Superman to lead the team against Brainiac for the sake of the world/universe. Finally, Luthor spins the facts so it looks like Superman doesn't care about the people. The issue is ultimately summed up in his speech, "Facts are what I tell them are facts." 
Probably my two favorite moments regarded the important and tenuous relationship of Batman and Superman. This is possibly the single most important relationship in the DC Universe, so clearly I am not alone in loving a good Batman/Superman moment. First of all, I love how Batman refers to how ironic it is that he is criticizing Superman for being a lone wolf. Any Batman reader/watcher/player understands that Batman prefers to do things on his own, believing that trusting other people is often a weakness that could harm innocents. Second is Superman's honest and heartfelt admission of guilt: "Sometimes, especially where Lois is concerned, I let the man take precedence over the super." And honestly, who among us wouldn't do the same. It's only a person like Batman, who shuns interpersonal relationships for exactly this reason, who can confront Superman regarding something so human. And yet I imagine even Batman is tempted by love and friendship. He simply works harder to think about the greater good. 
DC Universe On-Line Legends had a shaky start, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wondered if it was little more than a gimmick to support the video game. But it tells an important story and does many of the characters justice in ways that most mainline comics can't even accomplish. I'm a little concerned with the fact that the DC solicitations for September only show the 52 DC Universe reboot titles and have unfortunately excluded further DC Universe On-Line Legends issues. My hope is that they haven't canceled this book. Perhaps they are only postponing it until after the reboot, or perhaps they just aren't posting the September issues until people have taken in the splendor of the re-designed universe.

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