The Unstoppable New Legion of Doom.

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Posted by Taylove

Ask YourSelf Can You Stop Them?

Posted by starkiller95

no i cant

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Now this is a supervillain team, great list.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

Nice!Bit long though!

Posted by Dracade102

O_O When you Said "Unstoppable" you REALLY meant it!!! xD
Posted by drkhwk2001

That list is BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Taylove
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Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

 Powerful and dangerous.
I got one for you: RIFT

Posted by Walker696

see I'm all for a super team but damn dude, Goku could barely beat this team but I have to admit some are just not needed, as much of an asshole he is and as much as he's made wolverines life hell, Sabertooth will always be more of a henchman to me, he is not a big hitter like most of these people.

Posted by grimreaper1980

the beyonder would destroy all these other guys

Posted by Taylove

I have 5 guys 4 him on this list  1. Molecule Man     2. Rift    3.  Dark Phoenix    4.  Anti-Monitor  5.    Korvac    

Posted by Major Canuck

Very thorough list of villians. I think electro and professor zoom I wouldn't think to be on this list. But a great list never the less.
Posted by imrigone

Great list, but you have at least 10 people on here who are more likely to be leader than onslaught. But yes, this team is thoroughly unbeatable!

Posted by Taylove
@Major Canuck:
Thanks Major  electro and professor zoom their cool power wise thats it.
Posted by Squares

These characters would never work together in a group, let alone form a team. Not to mention most of them wouldn't exactly take orders well. Informative, but it kinda looks like you just copy-pasted the summaries from somewhere else.

Posted by Gremlin From Kremlin

Pretty good team.

Posted by J1ml33

Now that is the Mega Legion of Doom ! its better than my mine ...
over all great list !

Posted by Ms. Omega

Great list dude some heavy hitters here

Posted by Apis

Damn!!!!I LOVE THIS TEAM !  It's got villians begging to join & heroes crapping their spandex!
Posted by Walker696

Spider-man could take em...........I'm mad I'm being serious, great team but they'd fall apart quick because of egos and greed

Posted by BobTheEpic

Might I just say, this is an awesome list, but some people just are not needed I agree with. Otherwise it's really epic.