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Good looking out Shadowdoggy cuz his not lame @ all he's a King.
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They say that there are several versions of Owlman, but I only know of one from Third Earth: Thomas Wayne Jr. This is how my story goes down...

Owlman came to Earth, kidnapping Batman for some unknown reason, wearing his highly-armored Owlman suit, designed as Batman's costume and armored with the aforementioned three-pronged plasma gun. Having killed most of Batman's archenemies, Twoface hires the assassin Victor Creed, A.K.A. Sabretooth, on an assignment to bring the head of Batman to a crime lord.

(Twoface?) hires some petty thugs to roba jewelry store (in order to draw out Batman), but Owlman soon arrives on the scene, disguised as Batman, and ending the robber by tying the thugs up. The only concious thug is unaware that his interrogator is really Owlman, as Owlman asks him, "Who sent you?!" (Owlman deduces from their sloppy work that they must be under orders from a more intelligent boss). The thug points behing Owlman. Owlman immediately gets slashed from behind, then jumps clear of his attack, throwing a gas pellet for cover. The gas clears to reveal the 6'7, 300-pound Sabretooth ready for battle.

Now you tell me what happens next.       

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I No I No I'm a month late but let me get in this 1. Owlman has The ability to cause confusion  Chemically enhanced "Super-cortex"     superhuman stength and speed per se but is a more capable fighter than Batman sugggesting such.    High end human peak strength levels, above Batman's own.   Various including the aforementioned plasma gun a three prong plasma gun he carries along with a highly armored Owlman suit . Hes bad.  
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Well to get # 1 you half to add to this list  Silver Surfer the  Phoenix  Blue Marvel  now take your pick.    If they do him right my money is on  Sentry .    

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1st of all 
Doomsday He's been massively de-powered over the years would you agree?  Really Doomsday’s power-level rival Pre-crisis/Superman Prime.   Doomsdays  could evolve to a state where not even Prime could stop him...However, DCU     fear at that point no one would be able to stand against Doomsday, he would wipe the DC slate clean.   Doomsday's already strong enough to withstand the force of a full powered Imperiex after he got turned into a skeleton. pre-retcon was savage, had no weaknesses, killed Supes, and had to be left at the End of Time just to stop him. DC had to retcon him because he had the potential to be the greatest power in the DCU, and that sucks for everyone in the DCU to have a bloodthirsty monster with no mind as the most powerful being.   An that's the truth    

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4 Sho Thanos    all the way he can take out the Silver Surfer    can sup do that? NOPE
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Doomsday would do the same thing to Thanos    that he done   to Darkseid all most killed    him.
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Yes bigger, faster, stronger and better.    
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