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Will we ever see the Guardian Protocols enacted you know the ancient INTERGALACTIC PACT between species, first consecrated thousands of years ago when a UNIVERSAL PROTECTORATE known colloquially if not officially, as the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, who sought to safeguard the know universe from the threats to the very fabric of reality. The GUARDIAN PROTOCOLS were nearly put into motion for the first time in a thousand years just recently, with the advent of the PHOENIX FORCE on earth and when the WELLSPRING OF POWER was opened. I'm not sure, I think the Original Guardians of the Galaxy are traped within the MOONSTONE GEMS, the Members i have seen include a Shi'ar, a Skrull, a Kree, a Badoon and other Alien Species. Check out THUNDERBOLTS #45 #46 #47#106 #109. If anyone has more info, Please share.I desided to go out and buy, Thunderbolts # 45, 46, 47, for Answers, 1st, their called the LIFESTONES, 2nd, The SUPREME INTELLIGENCE told MOONSTONE all about the origin of her stone sliver, he said that Moonstone is one of the chosen Guardians of the Galaxy, he tells her the history of the Lifestones of how a stone was discovered on Kree-Lar, they split the stone in half, unleashing tremendous forces of Order and Chaos-- thousands died, they dubbed the halves Ke-Thai (Alpha), Vi-Sha (Omega), their existence drew the attention of more advanced races scientists seeking knowledge, a diversity of races brought their own Artifacts of power with them, seeking a common link to them all, they found that link -- the different artifacts were geological suvivors of the Big Bang remnants of the previous universe and when linked together, would be able to Advance the evolutionary traits of all things living in this universe, the HELLFIRE HELIX was the conduit for other Dimensional energies funneled through the Alpha and Omega stones into an array of smaller gems brought by the visitors, which manfested facets of the elements, the Spirits, Entropy and Creation, as well as the fundamental forces of the universe.. Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life, Death, Anima, Gravity.The Sliver MOONSTONE possess was never ment to be worn or absorbed into a living being.. but rather its parent was used as the battery that powered the engine-- from which the chosen EIGHT of fate were reborn-- their bodies genetically remade-- to serve as the evolutionary vanguard of their respective races-- in a grouping whose purpose was to maintain peace among and between the inhabited worlds, as THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, The Eight Guardians of the Galaxy, a Kree, (her name was AJES'HA), a Shi'ar, a Badoon, a Skrull and four other Aliens. The sliver of Infinite power found its way to Earth those thousand of years ago, the Chosen Eight of fate (The Guardians of the Galaxy) protected the Galaxy for two hundred years, eventually four died in battle, two of old age and one simply retired from active duty.With the chosen gone, the galactic peace eventually collapsed, the LIFESTONES were taken fron Kree-Lar to prevent INTERGALACTIC PIRATES from taking them-- the plan failed, the ark was attacked, its warp drive imploded, creating a fissure in space-- the ravaged ship and the shattered stones were thrust to the far corners of the Galaxy, as it happened one spatial anomaly opened on the fringes of this Solar System-- and slivers and fragments of the various LIFESTONES seeded the planets of this system, over time, this resulted in many Terrans obtaining those fragments and accessing portions of those powers- people like The original MOONESTONE, DOCTOR SPECTRUM, THE SPHINX, MAN-WOLF (STARGOD), BLUE DIAMOND, BLOODSTONE, BASILISK and more-- the LIFESTONES were BIOSYNAPTIC PROCESSORS--their wearers MEMORIES were archived inside the gems.
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How did the rest of the Inhumans return to earths moon, Inhumans Vol 3 to Inhumans Vol 4 I kñow the Royal Familly Returned in FF, I liked the Idea of a Inhuman Legion Roaming Intergalatic Space in a giant Starship Err Starcity Ship, Did anyone else ?
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Verses Killraven now that a fight waiting to happen.

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I sent images.

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Ransak is one on my wish list   Anyone else think he can make it with his own series if so why ?