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As Siege heats up & Dark Avengers comes to its culmination, the climatic battle scene between Sentry & the "Avengers" explodes as Bob Reynold's unrevealed 3rd personality surfaces. Unbeknownst to Bob, he is deathly allergic to potassium & the signature power-up of his alter-alter-ego. 
As Sentry weakens, a revived God of War takes great joy in shoving some Vitamin B up Sentry's void...a place where the power of a million exploding suns don't shine. 
Ares then breaks the fourth wall & decapitates Brian Michael Bendis, ending Siege & bringing about a heroic age.
Long live Ares. Next stop...putting an end to the Marvel madness that is the Red Hulk mystery and Deadpool overkill.


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I agree with you in that I'm also really into Red Hulk for some reason. I am partial to red, but other than that, he just looks really bad ass and the whole pissed-off, baddest bully there is thing he's got going is working....at least for me. 
I will agree with the majority of people though...Loeb is insulting the faithful Hulk fans with this drawn out mystery to finally reveal who Red Hulk really is. Planet Hulk & World War Hulk were awesome. The introduction of Red Hulk was a great opportunity to switch gears and throw us this new character that could go toe to toe with Hulk and apparently the rest of the Marvel U. But that's been done already. Reveal he's one of the two characters we all know he has to be, and let's get back to writing entertaining stories full of character development.
As for your claim that Hulk 13 is "hands down one of the best of any series"....well I gotta strongly disagree with you there. I felt this was almost a waste of time issue. Just filler to hold us over til the much anticipated Code Red arc and Red She-Hulk introduction (fingers crossed for this one), and of course World War Hulks which could either really completely destroy this story (further) or finally save it with kick-ass action and an awesome story.
But all in all, I'll still keep giving Marvel my money for this series (and the overpriced variant covers) cuz despite the obvious Loeb critcism, he's got me tuned in as if the Hulks were on Jerry Springer. 

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No need to beat a dead horse about how Fox "mutilated" our beloved Merc with(out) a Mouth.  As much as I'm excited to see 2 hours being dedicated to 'Pool and being played by a semi-fanboy in Reynolds, the fact that Fox yet again is hell bent on taking liberties that further deviate from the original character, is totally killing my enthusiasm for this movie.

Just read this article which states that DP will have the smart-ass remarks (cool), be diagnosed with cancer (great), self-regenerating healing powers (awesome), heightened physical & athletic abilities (ok), AND will be able to absorb the abilities of dead and captured mutants. (WTF?!)  Why Fox, WHY?!  So yet again, this FOXpool that we end up seeing should continue the Fox trend of butchering perfectly adequate Marvel characters.


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This was easily the best issue of the first 10 of this current Deadpool series. Comedy...check. DP insanity...check. Deadpool finally kicking ass again and being a true Merc and cappin' fools with no regard...double check.  Pizza dude had it coming man, I can only imagine what he did to poor girl.

As for the fight with Bullseye, we're lucky to get 7 pages. It was a decent fight, and served its purpose of teasing us enough to get us excited about the remaining issues in the arc.

Following what I thought was a huge let-down in the ending to the Thunderbolts arc, this was a very enjoyable read and revitalization of DP at his rawest. 

I only hope things continue along this path...

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What would be an appropriate and equally fitting theme song for the most unique character in the Marvel Universe?

My vote is "Paper Planes" by M.I.A.   I can totally picture him kicking ass while singing the chorus to this song.  "All I wanna do is......"   LOL, classic.