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Nekron is not dead, as he is the embodiment of the black. He couldn't be killed in Blackest Night, the only way he was defeated was by severing the connection between his side of the universe, where he truly was, and ours, where he was manifestating. The "door" was Black Hand, and was closed by returning him to life. Now that Hand is dead again the Black can return, as it has done in the form of a new Black Ring.

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@ComicMan24 said:

 That was retconned by Birthright, which was later retconned by Superman: Secret Origin.

How was it retconned? It opened before crashing? :-P
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As long as I remember Superman is American since his Kryptonian Matrix in which he traveled opened on American ground. He can renounce his U.S. Citizenship in the same way anyone can get another nationality. He just doesn't want to be tagged as an American or as being form any other country. He just wants the people to see him as "Superman", not "that American hero", or "European hero", or whatever. The problem should be the people that think he is Un-American for doing it, instead of doing it for the whole human race.

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Seriously? Must there be a Superman? Like they say: "if they didn't exist we should invent them".

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Could there be a digital version of Morlun?