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Wonder Woman. >=|

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Am I the only one who thought Cyclps had his head blown off when reading the first issue of BotA? O.O Seriously, the bit of his uniform that is shredded makes it look like it's his neck and there is no head!

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I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I'm behind on my comic book reading, especially with the Avengers titles. So, I have come to you, my beloved Comic Vine community for some answers to my questions and to possibly narrow down some choices. Basically three of my regular titles have ended/are ending and so I have a gap to fill in my monthly reading and I want to use one of the Avengers titles to do so, but I'm not sure which. Hopefully one of you kind souls could tell me:

1.) What is the runs of Avengers, New Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers currently like?
2.) Which would you recommend from those?
3.) Are there any other Marvel NOW titles--besides Arena--that you might would recommend?
4.) Hawkeye or Young Avengers!?
5.) This is just obligatory space-taking. O.O

That's all I have for now, I'll be following the thread for a bit while I muse over my own thoughts and combat my indecisive nature. Thanks!

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Starfire, Raven, and Huntress!!

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To me, hands down it's Domino!!!

Pet names for Laura!!!
Just look at dat smile!!!
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I would like to take the time to leave something I found in the back of this issue where Hopeless answers a fan with this:

James! What the hell are you waiting for?! Go buy the Runaways collection NOW! It's a fantastic series. Read them once now and then read them again after I kill Nico and Chase.

Way to brag about killing them off. Way. To. Brag. And this isn't the first time. He generally brushes off his naysayers with a coy remark or by telling them to get over it basically. Just a real class act. #Sarcasm

@akbogert Thought you would enjoy seeing this too.

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@akbogert: Once again you are make such valid points and layout Hopeless' flaws so perfectly. I am certainly glad to have you on the side of reason and that you're a voice to fight this terrible travesty of a book. Thank you.

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Pfft, you know we love Jason. Come home!!!

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@OhItsThatGuy said:


That was heavy sarcasm. Even when heavily fatigued, Thor was able to beat an Amped Hulk.

Maybe, but if that is the case why did he not kill him like he did Thing? Someone already pointed that out, and it may be PIS, but it still happened.

@King-Stranglehold da first said:

@Sinfulplayerx said:

Great point Target-X. ^^

Not Canon. And Hulk was getting whooped by Wolverine in that movie.

Er, he was talking about my scan from Fear Itself--which is canon--not the animated movie comment that I did not make. <.<