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Hello, Scott.

I am curious for the new members and I think I will love them, essencially Kiran and Miguel. But there is a question that do not let me sleep!

There were a Titans team before this one? Tim talks about a previous team in a recent issue. But some creators have been saying that there weren't Titans before this one. It's very sad to see THE JUDAS CONTRACT vanishing...

I hope you can let us, old scholl fans, know more info to be in peace!


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Hello, Mr. Lobdell.

So, I just read an article about Teen Titans on DC ALL ACCESS: YOUNG JUSTICE on Newsarama. You said us before that there were a Titans team before this new one. Your Editor says don't. I think there is an incoherent issue there, right?

I hope that there were a group. A lot of fans are upset about that... Please, Mr. Lobdell, what we do have to think???

And, that "Charcoal Girl" is the same Solstice created by Krul and Nicolla?


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We saw some authors referring some old stuff of Titans, like Bette Kane on Batwoman. So, as you said before, their history are intact, right? At least the most of them! I wonder if you or DC could give us some peace about their history? Important characters like Jericho, Lilith, Argent, etc are alive or around?

Who is Dustin?

We can hope to see some nuances from old Kory on this Kori?

Thanks and cheers from Brazil.

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I am very disappointed how Kory was represented on the first issue of RHandO. That girl is not Kory (not Kori) we know. I agree with titanstower.com ( http://www.titanstower.com/monitor/?p=8510 ) in "But I think this Kory (or Kori, as they now call her) is not represented well here. The short-term memory thing combined with her desire to have sex with any man in her orbit… she comes off like a space bimbo, rather than a passionate warrior.".

Why mess with her past with Dick Grayon? I don't mind if she wants to have sex, but why make her forget or does not care about her friends? I think you, Mr. Lobdell, have plans for that, right? Please, fix her.

And who is Dustin who Roy talks to Kory?


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And hey! I am very anxious for the Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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Hi, Scott. I am from Brazil and a hug Titans fan, since the 80's. I am open for the changes but I have to admit that my concern is about the old Titans. I know you are not in charge with some characters, but do you think that we could know more from them anytime soon? Will we see some panels in TT about the old team or teams? We, former Titans fans, would be very happy if we could know something about them.
And I am very curious about the new characters like Bugg, Miguel and Charcoal Girl (It's really that?).

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I created this link, but the same Doll Face already was created.