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Write up looks great. Best of luck.

(Has the urge to support anything remotely Star Wars related)

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PS: Good luck Nova

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Nice place/thread.

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@grift3r: They're fun but not for everyone.

One of the best things about it is sitting around BS-ing with friends. Snacking all night long.

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@armistice: If we didn't have thoughty thoughts I wouldn't be here right now. lol

I do need to take off though. Good to see ya again, and will talk with ya later.

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My rule was to reward smart/strategic thinking and punish stupidity/half-ass thinking with impunity, I made it pretty hard to have a character die but some people managed it and were forced to create a new one from scratch. Character deaths that were not planned by the player were pretty rare and almost always the result of them being a dumb-ass.

Pretty much the same here.

To their credit they know that they are down a healer and play it smart. They focus fire, use terrain to their advantage, etc. Every so often they overreach their level but quickly learn.

Some memorable moments without getting too in depth.

1) We were being chased through the city by heavily armored warriors. We had them chase us into a cellar, but as we went down we poured flasks of oil onto the steps. As the heavily armored men came storm down them they had to make a balance check, which they failed. As they began to stumble down the stair and got oil all over them we lit the place up like a Christmas tree and made short work of them. Then exited through the other side as the building burned down. We did a lot of burning in that town..

2) We were on a balcony and enemies were storming the yard. No ranged weapons so we grabbed a rope and one person propelled down as I acted as a counter weight. Once down he sprinted forward and wrapped the rope securely around one of the bad guys. I then jumped off the balcony using that guy as my counter weight. lol

Of course there are many, many more stories like these. They are the moments I try to encourage the group to make. Thinking outside the norm and creating a scene they will remember even years later.

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@armistice: Their currently make-up consists of a melee tank warrior. A range dps rogue, and a range dps mage. They lack healing which I love to exploit and make their lives hell. lol

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He's more dangerous to Spidey than most of his rouge's.....

He has more than just two (Carnage and Venom) Rogue's (rouge is make-up) that are far more dangerous than Nightcrawler.

Spidey should win this 10/10 times. He has practically every advantage one could hope for.

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@armistice: About 6 hours is our average game session. They like to play the same characters, just in different settings over the past decade. So we've had this group of Elves in Forgotten Realms, Dragon Age, couple home-brew settings, Dragon Lance, Greyhawk, etc. Each time the characters all change a bit. Finding bits and pieces people like as they grow.