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I loved it, was effective!

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Aliens ( Hard to kill one, let alone an army)

Predators ( Same as above)

Godzilla ( Giant lizard, need I say more)

Carrie ( Powerful telekinetic powers)

Freddie Kruger ( Kills in sleep)

Selene (Underworld, warrior, badass, and an overall killing machine)

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@toplel said:

@tanet62: I'm getting the feeling you're assuming I just want her making a cameo instead of her own movie. A cameo will have people look up what Wonder Woman's deal is and by the time the movie comes out they'll be somewhat familiar with who she is. And she needs all the push she can get.

@gokuwarrior said:

WW is ouselling batgirl worldwide.

Are you referring to their books or merchandize? If its books, then that is good news.

I'm not assuming, I'm just fed up that a cameo is all she's going to get, she may not even get a cameo or a solo film.

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@toplel said:

@tanet62: Its not supposed to. It serves to make people curious and that could be useful. Thats it.

Curious about? They don't need curiosity, they'll get more than enough in her own film. The only thing that a cameo will do is give her a slight push, after time, it'll mean nothing.

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@toplel said:

@gokuwarrior: Batgirl is outselling WW, actually. And your last point is why I'm hesitant about WB making a WW movie. They need to do it right because if they repeat the GL mess, shes done for a long time. A cameo near the end could work to get people talking about her in time for her actual appearance in whatever the next movie is.

A cameo doesn't mean much, especially if it's a Wonder Woman cameo.

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No, not everything in the bible is true ... If so, then every person whose had sex before marriage is pretty screwed. That's what? 99% of the worlds population? :)

Being gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. Is fine, nothing wrong with it, only to certain homophobes.

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She's both, everyone knows who she is, and she didn't need the exposure of Superman and Batman to achieve that.

She deserves more than a small cameo, she needs her own film before they even decide to make a JL film.

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Is this silly battle still going on? Typical, to damn typical for threads like this.

Diana has this with no problem.

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@tanet62 said:

@etinarcadiaego said:

@tanet62 said:

That's a ridiculous reason why "YOU" think he "WOULD" win.

But I guess it's the same as saying that she would win because of her shear strength, speed and reflexes beyond his thinking, better combatant and strategist, and overall willingness to not hold back at all.

Interesting, contempt from someone I don't know because we don't have the same opinion. What is ridiculous in thinking that someone vulnerable to sharp objects like swords (from which she has suffered numerous injuries along the years) would be in danger of being killed by an infinity of those sharp objects flying fast towards her neck from every direction? Sinestro's ability to create efficient constructs is more than globally acknowledged by comics readers I believe. All WW strength won't bring her much help if she looses her head during the first nanosecond of the battle.

That's the entire point of her bracelets, she has blocked things far stronger and faster with little to no effort. Her speed is probably her biggest advantage, she can move faster than he can think.

Now, back to the point. You're practically saying she will loose because she'll be stabbed indefinitely by sharp objects and can do nothing about it, with his shields 'EFFICIENT" enough to give him another edge? Right, that sums up everything!

But no, that won't happen. Her adept reflexes, faster than that of Superman's, bracelets, strength and combat skills will prevent any of this from happening ... Please get a back round check on Diana before you make wrong assumptions ok?

Not stabbed, decapitated. The history of this character is full of injuries by piercing or sharp objects and she got tagged by slow people in numerous occasions just like any other hero. The bracelets block things coming from one direction and even that don't work indefinitely. The constructs can come from all directions at once and travel faster than light. In all logic we should obtain a headless WW after less than a second of fight and certainly before she can land a punch on her opponent given the conditions stated in the op.

No need to check anything for that, there is no assuming there, just pure logic. Now I see you are all emotional and determined to be rude about all this, so this post concludes any further conversation with you. I didn't sign in to meet people who can not debate without keeping a cool head. Please do not include my name in further posts.

Oh come on, don't be so serious, not all debates have to be so cheesy serious.

Again, her bracelets only block things from one direction? True, but her reflexes allow her to block multiple things in every directions, and yes, she's done it before by blocking all the shards of a shattered god. Billions of shards travelling faster, or as fast, as the speed of light, yet she was able to block them. Her speed and reflexes will allow her to block anything that comes her way, there is no denying that. Yeah she's been tagged by lower tier idiots, but which speedster hasn't? She can move faster than he can think, faster than thought is the famous term.

Again, you're not even considering an effort for Diana, just a mere shoo on the shoulder like you would a fly. She's broken lantern constructs before, even defeated one, not as strong as Sinestro, but it still gives her a slight edge. Her strength and speed surpasses Sinestros by light years, and her combat skills are simply out of his league. Why don't you slowly consider things before passing them on as fact.