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No, not really. Yeah she's had screen time, but really, she's not an icon.

The only female comic hero that is an A-List character is Wonder Woman. She's the most iconic, well known, female superhero ever … She's in the leagues of Superman, Ironman, Thor, etc… blehhh

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This stupid thread is way to long.

Cheeta will defeat Ironman. She is absolutely stronger, makes Ironman look like sloth in the speed department, and is physically to much for him to handle. His only advantage is flight and projectiles, and maybe smarts, but she is far more cunning than him ... I mean come on! She's gone toe to toe with Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, etc. She has better feats to put her far above Ironman.

Cheetah has no problems with killing, I just don't see how he could win, he doesn't have any feats to prove so, seriussslehh guys.

Any who, they'll always be that one person to carry a thread on, just a matter of smashing his/her ignorance like glass. :P

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They could possibly stop at 1. Donna and Wondergirl are pretty much equals to these two.

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Really? It's lasted this long? Dangggg

Cheetah rips him apart.

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Team 1.

Hulk is the weak link ... He may have the potential to be the strongest out of the others, but ... He can't fly, and is to slow.

People are underestimating Diana to much, as per usual. Let's not forget she has held her own against a Superman bent on killing her, stalemating him, and holding back. Now, she is completely bloodlusted, she's not going to hold back, and no one has seen what an uncontrolled Diana is capable of ... Well, there is the instance where she defeated Genocide (Wonder Woman #32) ... Genocide is beast, just look at their first encounter.

Wonder Woman as her strength, her speed, faster reflexes than any of these guys, and her fighting abilities ... -sigh- no one can argue any of these guys have better fighting abilities than her, she trumps them in that area 100 to 1.

And then there is Thor ... Thunder in his own right.

I am not underestimating Superman or Hulk, I know what there capable of, and I don't need to clarify that ... Hundreds of people have done so already, with a bit of exaggeration of course. ;)

My guess is It'll be Superman against Diana and Thor .......... Bleh, just my 2 cents.

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Wonder Woman wins, I'll state the obvious.

Stronger, faster, better combatant, will not hold back unless necessary, will it if necessary.

I don't see how any of these guys can match her, even in a group, she is to much for them, tenth fold.

Think of it as a kitten, puppy, and a sardine against an eagle, no match.

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Wonder Woman. More consistent, more note worthy.

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You'd be surprised.

I've seen so many unattractive people with attractive people, going to show that looks aren't everything.

But if there's a weight problem, that'll make things different, goes to show they don't look after themselves, or the may have a condition, who knows.

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She clears it.