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Typical of nu DC. Introduce new characters with fanfare then lose them along the way with no explanation...

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I agree about mystery: Raven is a great character because of the mystery around her. If you look at her 90s history, you realize that huge things have happened off panel and they are never explained. It also seems that the Titans either won't admit or talk about what has happened off panel, or she has partly or totally erased their memories. I noticed that 00s fans who read Raven's on panel romances do not understand the character. They have to factor in that off panel stuff, which is usually pretty scary.

Terra being forgiven - well, the point is that she wasn't forgiven. I'm one of a total of maybe two old school fans on the entire web who feel that Terra's story was problematic.

Raven sexing Titans - she has probably had sex, usually when she turns evil, with: Wally, Joseph (maybe), Kory, Dick, Gar. A lot of this is indirectly implied and occurs off panel. You see the aftershocks but almost never the event. I mean: just imagine knowing a totally oversexed and completely repressed girl who could (a) teleport you anywhere (b) change your emotions (c) possibly turn you into a crazy version of yourself (d) let it all hang out off camera (e) pop you right back where you were after erasing your memory of the event (f) while she goes back to being repressed and weird and guilty up in her room. That is what is implied with Raven's ships. On the other hand, she is also a good, sacrificing person, or her original version was.

She had some kind of sympathetic exchange with Jason, but the writers never showed them shipping. Nothing so far with Roy.

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Hey Darkmount,  
I only suggested email b/c it's long letter. Normally I'd make comments about edits on something like this outside a public forum. But if you want it here, that's np. I'd pull back from the angry fan tone that tells the parties to grow up, especially the accusatory stuff like "I hope you're happy." I'd avoid words spelt in all caps. And I would move the last part of the letter to the beginning, to explain why Superman inspired you and what he means to fans and why that's also important (and always has been the most important thing) to the parties in the case.  
Finally, I would change the tone a bit, moving away from online rant toward a more formal letter. Just my opinion, since you asked. - If you want it read seriously, that's what I think you should do.

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Hey Darkmount, if you want my response send me a copy to my email and I'll correspond that way count.theways@gmail.com thx ToB

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Yeah, I was thinking of it less as a literal 'curse' that's out there (although there is one out there - and it is related to Superman's copyright) and more like the real values and basic truths that Superman stands for. There is so much money at stake that the parties involved are not going to back down to protect those higher values. They are going to keep going to court as long as they can. But I'm curious to see if everything Superman symbolizes at his best will somehow transcend the craziness inspired by putting a pricetag on his popularity. If you think about the DCnU likely being the product of DC's desperate attempt to keep control of Superman, you see the lengths to which they are willing to go to protect their interests inside and outside the fictional universe. I bet you they will keep the DCnU going as long as the Superman case is up in the air - til 2013 or later. That's because the nU Superman could be refashioned (maybe) into a DC-owned product no matter what the outcome of the court cases.

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Thanks Primmaster!

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Thanks azza, I really began to wonder about DCnU coinciding with the shift to digital comics, the copyright battle, the character at the centre of it all, and how changing Superman changes everything. More importantly, I wondered if there's something about heroism that exists somewhere between the on-panel fiction and the 4th wall.

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Hey AltraCruror, I'm pretty sure we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. All I can say is I accepted the outcome of the JC, but I wrote a very long piece about Terra and what she means on my blog in 2010. It's the only piece on the Web that tries to get to the bottom of Tara Markov http://historiesofthingstocome.blogspot.com/search/label/Terra

For me, the problem is not the character, it's the writer. I certainly don't sympathize with psychopaths! But I was curious about the story and why for me, it did not work. I didn't find it convincing. So when I talk about Terra, I'm trying to understand that. Basically, I think Wolfman is a great comics writer, one of the greatest, but he has some serious flaws in what he does with characters and why, particularly when it comes to Sue-ing some characters and condemning others (again, imo only). Some of his fourth wall decisions are totally convincing to readers; I think from what you said, they've convinced you. I also get the idea that some people are 'just evil' - that this could be a way to explain a comics version of Hitler or a Dahmer for example. But I believe that as a writer, the story was not watertight. And as for 'just evil,' I'm not convinced that evil is that simple. But thanks for stating the opposite argument on this so clearly.

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Sure, although most of them were not my suggestions - I read several sites where people were debating a Titans cast (and I acknowledged those sites) and picked some of the ones who looked the part.  I agree about their acting (see above re. Kristen Stewart). 
Many of these suggestions came from other sites where people were debating a Titans cast. I'm not sure about them all being 35-40. Have a look on their imdb sites.   Anyway if you have other suggestions I'll post them.  Re their ages -  
I do think the idea of casting the NTT with slightly older actors is possible because they were drawn and conceived that way by Wolfman and Perez. Look at the comics scans taken from that era. In the book, the characters were supposed to be somewhere between 16 and 19.  But Wolfman said repeatedly that they treated and presented them like adults, and made their circumstances adult ones (Kory a supermodel, Donna  supermodel photographer, Dick a detective in New York). Everything they were doing and the way they appeared said twenty-something more.  Wally especially looked older. I'm not saying the NTT were older, but the writer and artist deliberately treated them like they were to appeal to teen fans (they stated this).  Recent team incarnations (especially in the last ten years) presented the YJ4 and OYL as closer to actual teenagers.
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Yeah I agree - am not a huge fan of Stewart. I was thinking of Lilith when she appeared in Atom's Titans and unfortunately resembled Raven. I figured Stewart could handle that type of Lilith, or Lilith as she appeared in Terror of Trigon. I don't like the way writers used Lilith as a Raven substitute; a different actress would be more suitable for Lilith not tinged by Raven's characterization. 
Casting Dick is really difficult - I found that every suggested actor was not quite right.