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 I love all your casting, especially Brookes as Starfire  thats a really good choice - but unfortunately i dont agree with Scott Elrod, Justin Timberlake and deffinately not Kristen Stewart as Lilith. Lilith is one of my favourite Titans, so could you maybe find an alternative that isn't so miserable (and a little prettier ;) )? :D after all she was a fun hippie Go-Go Dancer ;)

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Yeah I agree - am not a huge fan of Stewart. I was thinking of Lilith when she appeared in Atom's Titans and unfortunately resembled Raven. I figured Stewart could handle that type of Lilith, or Lilith as she appeared in Terror of Trigon. I don't like the way writers used Lilith as a Raven substitute; a different actress would be more suitable for Lilith not tinged by Raven's characterization. 
Casting Dick is really difficult - I found that every suggested actor was not quite right.
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You're basically picking actors for roles based entirely on their looks and what's worse, half of them are in the 35-40 range.  There are only a handful of respectable actors on your entire list and you've got the biggest name playing a totally minor character that would be in one scene in a Teen Titans movie if that.
Hell, you've got several models, singers and at least one person who has never acted at all. 
You can't just cast a movie by looking for semi famous people that look like comic book characters. 
The two biggest mistakes I see in fan casting are 
1) Casting lousy actors that look like the comic character 
2) Casting high dollar actors for bit parts 
You make both of these mistakes.

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Sure, although most of them were not my suggestions - I read several sites where people were debating a Titans cast (and I acknowledged those sites) and picked some of the ones who looked the part.  I agree about their acting (see above re. Kristen Stewart). 
Many of these suggestions came from other sites where people were debating a Titans cast. I'm not sure about them all being 35-40. Have a look on their imdb sites.   Anyway if you have other suggestions I'll post them.  Re their ages -  
I do think the idea of casting the NTT with slightly older actors is possible because they were drawn and conceived that way by Wolfman and Perez. Look at the comics scans taken from that era. In the book, the characters were supposed to be somewhere between 16 and 19.  But Wolfman said repeatedly that they treated and presented them like adults, and made their circumstances adult ones (Kory a supermodel, Donna  supermodel photographer, Dick a detective in New York). Everything they were doing and the way they appeared said twenty-something more.  Wally especially looked older. I'm not saying the NTT were older, but the writer and artist deliberately treated them like they were to appeal to teen fans (they stated this).  Recent team incarnations (especially in the last ten years) presented the YJ4 and OYL as closer to actual teenagers.