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@gokuwarrior: overrated because no matter how popular he is,doesn't mean they should trash other characters allowing him to beat even god you know what i mean?there is a logic at a certain degree,he is human and struggles with human opponents,you can't tell me that seeing him one shotting aquaman,manhunter,etc it's believable,he can beat certain powerhouses with enough pre time,that's good,

Err, that doesn't really constitute what people generally consider as 'overrated.' The term generally distinguishes something about which people 'have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved'. And Batman, with the number of great stories to boot, with mass, and critical appreciation, iconic main lead, and iconic side characters, one of the most mythical and memorable setting more than deserves what he has become now. That was my original point to begin with.

I think what you're looking for is 'mistreatment', or 'pedestaling', tangibly. But I'm not sure.As for the part with 'god', again I'm not sure what you are ascribing to godhood, but nevertheless, here is the thing, the most popular trope in fantasy, or any genre fiction for that matter, is the 'victory of the underdog.' In a confrontation where ON PAPER, the more powerful one should win every time, but it's the relatively weaker, the underdog, the dark horse winning in the practical application, it's as common as salt water.To use a biblical analogy, in reality, Goliath should have won over David, time after time. Why couldn't he just duck, or lift his shield, or even wore a helm. But because it's fiction, David triumphed. And admittedly he triumphed also because he represented the 'us' of the story, beating the 'them'.

Reality has nothing to do with fiction, particularly fantasy fiction. It's writer's choice to apply as much he chooses to, the rest is make belief. I think the sheer fact that Batman spinoffs such as Nightwing and Batgirl having better sale figures than WW and The Flash is telling in itself. Who are the 'us', and who are the 'them' have gotten clearly accentuated. It's a moot point though, as I said, it's the writer's prerogative, Bruce or Clark have been on this side of embarrassment enough times. in different media, with different writers pedestaling the characters they were writing at the time, or if it's JL, any ABCD character. And personally? I find that to be okay. Because again, it's the writer's prerogative.

but there is a limit,when they make it seem like he can take down anyone and anything on the universe with pre,it is ridiculous,he has come to a level of hyped by some fans,where DC turned him into a god disguised as a human that has plot armor allowing him to beat anyone,even one shotting bricks because they are afraid to make him look bad by letting him lose a fight,even if he is fighting darksied,or superman,wonder woman or god,all because of the hype that he has nowdays,and i don't agree with that,i love batman as the human,the genius,the martial artist,the detective,the vigilante,but don't like him in those stories where they turn him into a being that can solve anything in the universe,take 100 tonners down with a punch and all that trash,so again,he is great and popular,but being popular shouldn't be a reason to make him beat powerhouses in a random fight just because he is more popular than them and everyone else,that hyped is not a good thing.

No, there isn't, there really, really isn't any limit. If a story is written that shows, he has brought down a god (whatever falls into that description), or Supes, or WW, or Darkseid, prep or no prep, if the story is engaging, the plot well defined, great characterization, then I see no problem whatsoever with it. Same as say, if I see in a story Aquaman saving the universe, when the rest of JL have become useless, and he somehow has managed to outwit Lucifer Morningstar? If that story meets the previously mentioned criteria, I'll accept it with equally open mind.

I'll take not mentioning the connection between popularity and product outlet as agreement. As for popularity and that leading to somehow him beating other characters, here I agree. Specially when My point was never to the contrary. But as I said, if that meets those criteria, I'm definitely sold to the idea, as I'd be with any other superhero.

And the hype? Tis earned my friend, through Adam Wests, and George Clooneys, not an apple that fell into the Batlap.

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he is a great character,an icon with great stories,but he is overrated,by DC and fans,just because he is DC's most successful character does not mean that they should leave all the characters behind and let batman have all the cartoons,movies,games and be the star of 90% of all the DC events,etc,every character has potential and they deserve the change to use their potential,it's not like batman is the only character that can be successful in DC.

I'm rather keen to know what you term as 'overrated'. Because if a company produces a product and if that product has enough mass appeal that it's definitive that it'll earn capital way over it's production cost, that's not 'overrated' by any means. It's call corporate sanity, and good business.

You don't put a limit on a successful product when you know branching it further will add to the yearly income. That'll be well, corporate suicide. Sure, you can always invest in producing other stuffs, i.e. a WW video game (something I'd personally love), or a Flash cartoon, but doing so, in expanse of their most successful product, in this case Batman, the thought of that is downright absurd.

Market researchers are a practical bunch. They know the fans who are buying Batman merchandise wouldn't just shift to (insert any hero you like here)'s merchandise just because they've produced it instead of Batman's. They know that those fans will just find a different way to utilize their money. Some even opting for a game or a show or a comic from their rival company.

just because you sell,doesn't mean you have to destroy the logic,comics have logic at a certain degree,batman is a human,he struggles with human opponents and can get hurt like any human,it does not make any sense to see him dodging lightnings,taking punches from 100 tonners all that trash,it kills the essence of the character,a human that wals among god and powereful people and use the mind to overcome things,it doesn't do any good to the character to have him doing super human stuff and is silly and lame that he goes from human to god mode when it comes to fets,it's ridiculous and totally against the essence of the character,when that happens,they make him a gary sue that can do anything,and place abov anyone,batman is a great character whem writters are true to his story,the human that uses the power of the mind as the main weapon to overcome obstacles,his life,loss,the detective,the vigilante,that's when he is interesting,when they make him a god,the one with all answers,that's when it's not good.

What logic?? You do realize that this is fantasy right? This stuff supposed to be pretty non-nonsensical. And I personally love it just because of it. While I can agree to a certain degree that a singular comic ought to have an inherent logic, but that logic is limited to that particular comic book, or even, the writer's particular interpretation of that character in that particular comic book. Let me give you an example, Rucka's Batman in Batman solo is definitively different than Morrison's in JLA, who in turn is different from Waid's in JLA, and who also is different from Snyder's version of Bruce. The thing is, this is both the limitation and the freedom of comic book as a literature, that there is no 'true' interpretation of a character, or any character for that matter. It's a writer's prerogative to pick and choose, to induce as much 'reality' he wishes to, and discard the rest. And if in the context that is working, I'll say it's a win.

As for 'dodging lightning', or 'taking punches from hundred tonners', sure. If it's explained and is applicable to the context, then complaining about it is quite redundant.

And if you are really looking for a 'gary stu' like personae in comic book, look no further than Supes. Clark is what most of us are in real life, Bruce is what we aspire to be. Heck, your logic right there can be applied to ANY hero, across spectrum. Writers keep adding powers to their character in every other issue. Off point here, but I really think there's a need to mention it, Supes too get quite an attention from DC. With the number of comics being released with him in the title, some would say John's JL has basically become, 'Superman, and his friends', the SMWW trash, and five (I think) supes tittles, and the other S books, it's bizarre, because beside Unchained, Supes hasn't shown any promising return in any other titles of his. Even Unchained is on a downward curve. Plus not to forget a ten year ran tv series, a new movie. And yet people find time to complain about Bruce. But admittedly here too the same logic applies, the fans wouldn't just shift to whatever character's merchandise they might have replaced Supes' with. They would just find another way to spend their bucks.

It's business, plain and simple.

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'The League of One's is a great idea. Also, although it's not a JLA storyline, they can go with 'The Hiketeia'. Bruce's presence will ensure at least an amount of sales. It can be used as a strong groundwork henceforth. Pretty darn strong imagery in there.

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You simply do not ask the age of one true god in Batman mythos. He's the singular, prime, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipresent, super-duper-uber being.

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I'd read the heck out of it. Just lets hope they don't bring John's characterization into it. They can do it what Simone and Wood are doing with Conan and Sonja. Bring Azz, and Snyder under one title, to get the characters right.

If only wishes were pennies....

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Being a new reader, I suppose I understand the validity of the reboot, it gave me the entrance I needed into the world of continuity comics of DC. Also I'm immensely thankful for it. I loved some of the products (Batman, Wonder Woman, JLD, JLA, JL (in some parts), Batgirl, Batman INC, Batman & Robin, Detective Comics, Superman Unchained, The Flash, Smallville, Superman / Batman, The Beyond Universe etc), hated many of it (Superman, Action Comics, Catwoman, Teen Titans, SM/WW etc). I just don't buy the things I dislike. It's that simple, really.

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It's like watching a pendulum, goes right and up, then comes down, then goes left and up, and comes down.

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The movies made about 2.5 billion among them with an IMDb rating of 8.3, 9 and 8.6, and rotten tomatoes rating of 85%, 94%, 88%, respectively. The reviews were highly positive, the audience response was insane. Indeed, they weren't just good comic book movies, they were brilliant pieces of cinema, each one of them. It cemented Batman as the global, cultural icon that he's today, something that started way back with Batman:TAS. From Nolan's peers in hollywood, to Batman writers such as Miller, and Morrison loved the movies. And here you have to ask, why would anyone care about the opinion of some people lurking in a shady corner of internet? Moreover, why would we, ourselves care?

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Here's the thing, most people who are buying Batman titles, or Superman titles for that matter (he has quite a few himself, both digital and print, and yet somehow people conveniently seem to disregard that) wouldn't buy the titles of other characters if they are to replace them. They would just move on and find other ways to utilize their bucks.

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First of all, talking of George Clooney and Batman together in reverential way, is blasphemy to a Bat-acolyte such as me. So, don't do it please. Second of all, hmm, who I'm kidding, that was hilarious!

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