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I think that the real reason that Age of Ultron was delayed sooooooooo long is that originally Marvelman was to be the character who showed up at the end instead of Angela. But due to ongoing legal problems with just who has the rights to Marvelman the story was first delayed and then ultimately had Marvelman written out and Angela written in. It makes perfect sense if you look at the timeline of events in the announcement of Age of Ultron and Marvel's "purchase" of Marvelman.

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Darkseid vs Galactus

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Kinda looks like Oceans 11 done in Avengers number 11.

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Ragman and Richard Dragon would be totally cool, but it has to be the Chuck Dixon version of Richard Dragon and not the classic 60's one.

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Sif has always been one of Thor's best supporting characters. It's great that Marvel finally is taking her out of her supporting role and thrusting her into a starring role. An excellent role model for young women as a woman stepping out of the shadow of a man and standing on her own. Great to have an article about a strong woman written by a strong woman too. LUV U BABS!!!! <3

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I need some help here. I'm writing a paper on women in comics and I'm trying to find Barbara Gordon's last appearance as Oracle. I think it may have been either Birds of Prey vol. 2 no. 15 or Batman Inc. vol. 1 no. 8. But I have been told that she appeared post new 52 as oracle in an issue of Batman Inc. vol. 2 HELP!!!!

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You notice that cap's shield only started breaking every other day AFTER he died and came back. I still believe that Tony Stark never gave back the original shield , and that the one that keeps on breaking is a copy that Tony created as a prototype of a reverse engineered shield alloy. Tony still has the original somewhere, UNBROKEN. He has been trying to duplicate the metal since Civil War ended . He wants to build an indestructable suit of armor made out of shield alloy, but even he has not been able to find the alloy formula. The REAL shield is hidden away somewhere in a secret Stark lab. Just my opinion.

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Just another reason why Jim Shooter's reign as the head of Marvel was the best time in Marvel history.

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Second greatest mini series of the 80's behind only Crisis on Infinite Earths.