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People keep saying that Norman has been around the Venom symbiote so he would know how to beat him. You not taking in account that each Venom host doesnt have the same personality or fight the same e.g. Flash uses guns. Also the symbiotes current host have access to all the previous host memories so Flash would have knowledge on Norman as well.

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Im incline to vote Victor based on Victor not only having more overall combat experience, but more experience fighting other supers who are sometimes stronger and faster than himself and defeating them. Luther does have a Pre-cog like ability though its unclear how skilled he is at using it. Also it has failed to work on a more skilled fighter such as The Liberian.

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Does anyone else think the thing in his left hand looks like a handle to a leash and the thing around annihilus neck a collar.

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I like the new Superman

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@nobodythere: I felt the same way you did until I watched that documentary.

They might look silly to us but at least they are doing something to better their communities. How often do any of us go out the way to help someone we dont know. It seems we all have the if it doesn't effect me directly I dont care attitude. Which is sad, so if some people want to dress up and help there fellow man, good for them. At least they are doing something, you can make fun of them, call them crazy or whatever but most people aren't going to do a thing to help a stranger in trouble.

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I like how some of you bring up that the 1st X-man were going on missions in there teens which is true. But they were never told to get the job done be whatever means necessary. The X-man are suppose to be the best of mutant kind that means getting the job done without killing. Not ordering a kid who is still mentally developing to kill, who knows what that did to her. Not to mention that parents send there kids to them trusting that they will be taken care of. If you knew you were sending your kid to a place that has them killing people, you wouldn't send them. Wolverine is a killer so you can call him a hypocrite but he kills so others dont have to. Its easy for Cyclops say he's right when he orders people to do the dirty work instead of doing it himself.

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Im just glad he is back anywhere though I dont think he fits with the New Mutants. I wouldnt mind seeing him with the Avengers but with powers how they are now he wouldnt be much help.

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I like the lumber Jack look he is rocking.

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