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@EdwardWindsor said:

Bunch number 2- Working on last one now also

Woh Dude that rocks epically! Love it! Also adore the picture, where did you find it?

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I saw and I totally freaked! Though I am really looking forward to it, and I wonder what angle they'll play concerning it.

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@lazystudent said:


Nice post Lazy!! I'll let Charlie write how this pans out before I put another post down.

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@lazystudent said:

@Talon I liked your post alot, you took the forgetting aspect in an unexpected direction. Offered some nice drama and different layer to possible character interactions. Good work

That's what I'm here for xD Thanks Lazy!

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Posted, hope its okay.

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“Laura I don’t know why you have to be so difficult!” his voice was slightly raised as he brushed his hands through frazzled brown hair. His blushed red face was enough to show her that now wasn’t a good time but she didn’t care. “But if you would only just look…I promise you –“ suddenly then he cut her off “No! Laura please, things are stressful as it is I don’t need more paranoid suspicions!” She had endured countless tortures, and watched love ones die but this kind of pain, rejection was new to the emerald eyed assassin. Without any reply at the edge of her mouth spear forward she just stood there in slight shock at the ferocity of his resolve. Seeing the doe eyed expression in her eyes he calmed himself.

“I’m sorry Laura, its just…I’ve had so much on my plate with all that’s happened you can understand that.” A silence lingered between the two as she still couldn’t find a reply to give him. Her eyes were as cold as stone but beneath she was breaking down in tears, so close to simply crying and running away. “No…your right Charles.” She simply said in the tone that made it obvious things were not, but certainly meant to just drop the issue. “Laura I’m so-“ but now it was her turn to cut him off “Get back to your work, we’ll talk later!” Finishing her venomous reply she simply turned her heel and trolled calmly out the door and down the hall. Coincidently the door slammed behind her and claw marks could be seen down the hall way but it was irrelevant…she was fine.

Days Later

In the company of her covers Laura laid prostrate simply staring up at the looming white ceiling above her. Her eyes were heavy and a part of her just wanted to embrace the exhaustion that overcame her. Night after night she had stayed up, reciting the documents, her ideas reciting everything over and over not losing any of it. This young emerald eyes warrior had already endured enough mental tampering and she wouldn’t let it happen again. None of them remembered, but how could they? Their mental resolve was nothing like hers….they hadn’t endured half the horrors and brainwashing, and mental tapping she had to go through in her life. And in the end not even the man she loved was able to remember.

It knew this…it had to. It knew she was capable of fighting, of knowing and it took her out like a queen attacking a pawn, swiftly without a word. In the horrible surroundings of her already messed up room she slowly lifted her body off the bed. Pages and pages of information could be seen with her swift handwriting with the same message repeated over and over again. “Don’t go to sleep” She was different she knew that, she had watched loved ones die of age, friends die with a simple bullet wound while she was able to take explosions beyond compare. Sometimes she knew it benefited everyone and sometimes she just wished she could be like everyone.

Tears started building in her eyes as they dropped to a crumbled picture that laid upon her desk. Slowly picking it up she glanced at it with a slight smile and hit of happiness because that was suddenly snuffed away. The image started to slowly fade as she continued staring at it until finally it was a blank page. Dropping to her knees she crumpled it in her hands as she broke down in tears. She had suffered weeks….cold, icy, lonely weeks of isolation, no one noticing, no one considering her even existence no one worrying. Right now she would give the world for Charles’ adorable tone whenever she returned from one of her unnamed missions. How he’d fuss over her not telling him and how she’d constantly have to reassure him she was fine.

She had, had enough! Suddenly her eyes flashed open but not their savoury emerald that everyone knew, it was a deep sun setting fire contained within her darkened orbs. Slowly she got to her feet got dressed cladding herself in a jeans, and leather jacket and marched out of her apartment room. Walking down the hall she couldn’t help but notice how quiet everything was, and that made her worry. She could detect the War killer’s scent and decided she might as well follow it. “Not even those glasses made him remember!” she muttered to herself as her teeth slowly grew to a point as a feral growl could be heard bubbling in her throat.

It didn’t matter anymore, they were all blind so she’d make them see, she’d make them see who the really culprit was. Tightening her fists her twin vibranium blades slowly slid out from them as they seemed much more deadly than before. Her passive, non caring attitude was suddenly ripped off as the wolf awoken. Tears stained her cheeks as she tried to suppress the memories but had no choice to let them run over and over in her mind like a broken take. And Every time they would resurface she’d have to witness that painful memory.

Weeks ago

“I’m sorry who are you again?” She stood there in total astonishment. Her jade eyes were seemingly bulging out of her face. Her breathing was low and quiet but her heart raced faster than any engine. “Charles its me…Laura!” she almost said screaming. It had already taken so much work to just get to his office. She had been stopped by security, members of the team and she literally had to fight her way to get into his very room. “Sorry I don’t know any Laura….how do you know me?” almost gasping she quickly swallowed and breathed in and out before she answered. “Vine City, I saved your life…” she could see a deep thoughtful look in his eyes but still that ignorant dullness of not having a clue what she was explaining. “I can’t seem to recall…which isn’t a big surprise the amounts of times I’ve been saved, gosh I’ve lost count.” He said chuckling trying to stem the awkwardness.

Finding herself completely dumbfounded she slowly stepped forward. “Allen…” suddenly and look of shock flashed across his deep sea green eyes as he stared in curiosity. “Wait..how do you know-“ “ its me Charles!” Laura Chabot…your…I’m…” He looked at her his eyes nodding for her to finish. “I’m your…well.” Suddenly his face slowly reddened as he awaited what she would say. A long silence dragged but her eyes never wavered from his, she wasn’t going to leave him drowning in his own ignorance. “I…I’m your girl-" Just when she was about to reply CPG burst through the door mentioning some issue, which she really didn’t pay much attention to either for not even her own roommate remembered her, she had already tried….no one remembered her.


She hadn’t dreamed up this fantasy, her life as a Champion wasn’t some make believe fairy tale she had thought up over night, it was real. “I know it.” She said barely able to hold the tears that were flooding from her reddened eyes. Yet as her pace quickened she almost forgot where she was going. Suddenly stopping herself she noticed that her walking had brought her near the meeting room, in the Champions Tower. His scent was so strong and is voice so calm she wanted to break through the doors but didn’t she couldn’t he didn’t remember her. To him to all of them they didn’t know she existed, not even those glasses could make them recall her presence. Was her moments with each of them so irrelevant that they couldn’t have the vaguest recall of anything, not even the man she loved.

Suddenly she felt a stinging pain course through her as she knew something was wrong. A bright light could be seen emanating from behind the door, she could smell Edwards scent it was back. She fought the pain staggering to the door finally grasping the handle and pushing it forward as hard as possibly could. The doors parted and as she caught of glimpse of Edward standing before the group the pain got worse and worse until she was holding onto the door for dear life, and for the ability to stand. She could feel it, already that quickly she had forgotten something, she searched her mind recited the sentences but she couldn’t find it….

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Great post babe!! Loved it, very interested to see how this all turns out.

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx @War Killer "Yes my sweet you are wearing pink you don't have a choice.."

Laura said flashing her teeth as she licked her lips.

Turning back to CPG she looked at her a moment. It'd been a very long time since she had a best friend. "You're my um...BFF then."

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx @War Killer Unable to hide her slight excitment Laura chuckled slightly. "Yes we should I suppose. They also had these pink skull ear rings I thought you would like." She said letting out a sigh of relief. "And I am free tomorrow.

Glancing over to the corner Laura flashing a devious smile walks over and pulls Charles to his feet and drags him toward CPG "We should also get Charles a pink and black striped shirt." She said shooting the little boyscout a mischief glare. .

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx Is stunned by the sheer fact that she just got a hug by a pink marshmallow.

"Umm.." she stuttered looking down at her black leather pants and the little pink skull on the right thigh side.Looking back up she shrugged.

"At the new mall that opened recently, they have this store that sells my kind of attire, with a hint of pink."