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So I picked up the 4. Volume of Gen13 and read up to issue #17. Generally I like it. It is well drawn. The story is a bit more serious than in the 1st and 2nd Volume and I got somehow confused by the events in Tranquility (the town) with the Authoriteens. But apart from that, I like it, and I'm going to keep up with it.

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Captain Cascader said:

I think they really dumbed down the character quite a bit. Vendetta the movie is about a guy against facism, Vendetta the book is about a guy for anarchy.

I think that's a pretty big change.

True, that's a big change. Non the less I like the Movie cause it gives a good impression on the "V-Universe" and the appearing character., but more importantly it got me into reading the original book, which I love now.
And on topic: Yeah, V is a amazing character.  But what else to expect of an Alan Moore Story?!
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I'm really excited about the movie, though I fear they will have problems with a lot of details and complexity of the story. Just like in the "V for Vendetta" - Movie. B.d.w. there are some nice behind-the-scene video journals on the official Movie site.

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Hi everybody,

After a long absence from comics and this site I am back into both. The new Comic Vine is great, but I got a problem with the pull list feature. I just can`t add any comics to it.  If I click the "add to a list" button, only favorites and custom list are available. Do I need Points to use the feature?

Edit:  appart from me doing it the wrong way, may this be a bug?

Thx for your help in advance


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Hi everyone,

How are the new Gen 13 issues? I just heard about them a few month ago an tried to purchase the first issues, but its hard to find a vendor in Germany selling them. Last week I found a merchant, but the prices are dizzying high. (15€ ore more per issues, that are more than 20$) But I am a fan and if the comic is worth the price I'll pay it. So tell me the new comic is good. ;)
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Hi Buckshot,

I know the animated movie. Didn't know it wasn't released in the US. The Movie covers the content provided in the 5 issues Miniseries, introducing Kate as main-character and showing her way from college to gen 13 Project and closing with the escape of the team.

I think the movie is ok. I don't like the way it's drawn, it is too much cartoon style and looks more like a movie for children or maybe teenager. I also think Sarah's part is too small, she is only shown in one or two scenes.

If you find a way to purchase the movie, tell me what you think about it.