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After reading some graphic novels, namely breakfast after noon and League of the Extraordinary Gentleman Volume. 1, I now caught up on the latest issue of Gen13. The "World's End" Storyline is nicely done so far, although I'm worried whats gonna happen to Sarah.

I've been browsing DA (deviant Art) and found some pretty nice cover art for Grimm Fairy Tales by Eric Basaldua and Nei Ruffino. This got me interested in some Zenescope Comics, and so I started getting into Grimm Fairy Tales and maybe some more.
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Posted by Lady Nightmare

Its a good series the art is awesome
Posted by Taken
@Lady Nightmare: yes,  altogether  the art is great, exept some  inconsistency's relating cover art and the art inside the book. None the less I got it on my pull list for some time now, but lately the story gets a bit boring.