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@samimista: @nishi99:

I just came in Comic Vine this morning (well 2:36 AM on my end) to check with Cloudguy and the editors from Anime vice to see if they had questions for me regarding wiki policy in Comic Vine.

Thanks Samimsta for the kind words. Eight more days left, we still have a lot of wiki stuff to back up on our end.


It was fortunate Tom Pinchuk and his staff created a Wikia and promise us that their Vice Pit will endorse the Wikia (we still have policies and templates to create) and the forum site that was designed by Yusuke52 and Daniel Newton who did an incredible job. It was mind boggling to hear them talk about CSS and Java. I couldn't keep up with them. Those guys are pretty awesome.


It was pretty sad to see the site shut down after 6 long years. We just celebrated the anniversary back in November I believe. Working with so many wiki editors and building the wiki with them was a lot of fun. I will cherish those memories. Saving their work is a crucial task, making sure their work stays alive.

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I haven't seen Arrow yet, so I voted for Young Justice. It was the show that made DC animated series so good and make me remember the good series we had: Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Superman, Static Shock, and Teen Titans.

The newer DC animated series for Batman wasn't surpassing its counterpart. We finally had something that isn't on Batman.

It's a shame that Young Justice was canceled due to low toy sales. I heard the staff blame the demographics because they felt the overwhelming female presence wasn't buying toys or DVDs. They should have rethink their marketing strategy for both genders. Young Justice had that spark which never could be drawn out for its fullest potential. I had Korra and Young Justice for cable's animated series' weekly watch. I loved YJ more than Korra because it was more realistic perception of teenagers and their problems, dealing with so many responsibilities.

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Our guide is better because it's alphabetized, has links to Youtube trailers, and has micro series labeled.:)

Let me check if the guide is working in Google Chrome. This is the first time I used large images in a seasonal guide. The only missing from our guide is the type of adaptation: light novel, manga, video etc. I removed it because I thought I had enough info in the bullet lists.

I got finals on July 3 which ends at 4PM. I pick my badge after finals.

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Vinland Saga, Sket Dance, Btooom, Beelzebub, and Yamada and the Seven Witches.

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No Super Secret Crisis War !!! for shame :(

I didn't know it had a comic series. I'll buy it. Got some siblings who missed the old CN.

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Thanks! I didn't know Long Beach had a comic con.

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