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I saw this set at Downtown Disney last weekend, it looks like fun!

Strange question though: what happens to Deadpool's body parts once they're severed? Considering he can regrow them, and knowing how crazy Deadpool is, I'd imagine he'd have a huge collection of all of his disembodied appendages.

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I think I'm the only one in the theater who instantly picked up an easter egg at the very end.
After Steve busts out of his room at the end, the Peggy look-alike (who is credited as a SHIELD agent), is radioning repeatedly: "Code 13! Code 13!" 

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Putting Thanos in there would be like having Venom appear in the first Spider-man movie...

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@Phylos: Not sure. He was in the Armed Forces before becoming the Professor, so (in comic book land rationale) he should know how to use a pistol.
But I think I see one of two things happening here...
A) He's demonstrating another mutant's ability
B) He's being manipulated by Emma
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I'm going to see this in theaters and probably drag my little sister along with me... because I have so little self-control. Ideally, I hate everything about it that in any way "resembles" its comic book counterparts... but I just really like Michael Fassbender and Matthew Vaughn. With that said....

In a way, this movie is a lot like Mystique. She can be who she wants to be, she can tie those who are none-the-wiser around her finger and manipulate those who are not so-easily-swayed into following what they see and hear, and at the end of the day she will sleep well.

I have no problems with adaptations that go their own route if the writers' hunch pays off that their vision will be all the better. What I have a problem with is when a film franchise such as this can't follow its own continuity. It goes beyond painting themselves into a corner, here they try to pull new shapes from out of nowhere.


Kayla was Silver Fox. Thrown into the role as much as the film would allow, and she's credited as "Kayla Silverfox". Semantics aren't helping you justify character differences here. They completely ruined two characters by making them related to each other. Having Emma as her captive sister makes Kayla an extremely weak turncoat at best, considering she did everything to follow her "deal"  with Strker to have her released, only for him to just deny her. Pretty sure she could have thought that one through better with some relative ease. Like instead of working against the man she "loved", why not enlist his help? No, instead she is a coward, rather than competent.

Emma is sparkly, bulletproof... and a teenager, in a movie set in the late 70s. Now in "First Class", set in the early 60s, she's the White Queen. For fans of the character, all they need do is forget that Emma existed in "Origins" to enjoy her role, which looks to be the most accurately portrayed in the entire film. Where's that adamantium bullet when you need it?
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@Doctor!!!!! said:
" no more villians..... please,
Its like remembering the presidents.
this is epic win
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@ehicks36:  Let's compare...
Batman (Burton, Schumacher, and Nolan): Joker (2), Catwoman (2), Penguin, Two-Face (2), Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Floronic Man, Bane (2), Poison Ivy, Joe Chill, Carmine Falcone, Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Zsaaz, Scarecrow (2), and Salvatore Maroni.....


Superman (Donner, Lester, Furie, Singer, Snyder): Lex Luthor (4, probably 5) and General Zod (3)... oh, and a rock of kryptonite ;)

Sure, Zsaaz and Woodrue only got a little bit of screentime, but hopefully you get the picture.
Brainiac is the most popular of the unused villains, he's my favorite Superman villain period, and if you go with his revised origin, he's the one indirectly responsible for Krypton's destruction... which would make him all so very relevant.

And you know, what happened to.... Metallo, Parasite, and Bizarro?
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Sick of Zod. I get how he's relevant, considering this is more or less a reboot, but Brainiac's a far more interesting character. DC just loves recycling characters....

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Half my (obviously small) collection of DC trade is Jeph Loeb. I have all of his collaborations with Tim Sale, even the in-and-out-of-print Challengers of the Unknown. That said, he should stick to Batman. Hush is my favorite modern age story arc, but lately, I think he's just gotten far too comfortable with everything else.

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Can't agree here.
As far as gadget gimmicks go, let's cite Showtime's favorite series, Dexter.
Of course, everyone loves it when Dexter pulls off his ritualistic killing with very little difficulty, as seen at the start and throughout season 1. The producers then wanted to mix things up a bit... you know he has to screw up eventually, and that is, indeed, what he started doing. Take away his tools. His blood slides. His plastic wrapping. His Slice of Life body disposal. Better yet, try exposing it. You then have to see how someone who has relied on such devices, a certain modus operandi... overcome those overwhelming odds. I think that's what makes the character more interesting.
Super-strength and durability...
Did we miss the Hulk? Or how about Arnold's Terminators? How cool was it when you saw him in T2, grab Sarah Connor, throw her out of harm's way, and shoot a wall with a grenade launcher at close-range to blow open an exit? Or when he walks through a lobby full of policemen, withstanding their bullets even as they slice a good portion of his face, to commandeer a SWAT van?  I thought he was cooler than the shape-shifting T-1000.

I also never heard anyone complain about Rorschach.