The eternal love triangle is the cornerstone of Archie Comics for over 65 years--and the bane of Archie Andrews' existence! In fact, over the years it has not only defined the Betty/Archie/Veronica relationship, but has even threatened to dismantle it a time or 20.

In fact, we'll even go so far as to call it the ARCHIE STORY OF THE CENTURY. With a title like "Archie Gets Married Part 1: The Proposal," how could we call it anything else?!

Could it be true? Has Archie finally decided to take the plunge and propose to one of comics' favorite girls? It sure looks that way! Earlier this year readers got a chance to relive "Freshman Year" with the famous teens of Riverdale High. Now make way for this special story that takes a look at Archie and his friends after they graduate college! What careers will they seek? Will the friends stay in Riverdale or disperse? What would lead Archie to have marriage on his mind? And who would he choose Veronica or Betty? How will Betty react? How will Veronica react? Can Archie shake off his klutzy past and hold down a steady job... for more than a month? One thing is certain: this will be the biggest Archie Comics story ever! 

Acclaimed superhero movie producer Michael Uslan draws upon his lifelong love of Archie comic books to write this very special tale, rendered by legendary Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg! The Archie story of the century begins here... don't miss it! 


I have been waiting for this since 1989. I am obviously a big Archie comics fan. I can't even think right now to write anything inspiring. 

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Posted by Decept-O

Really?  Will this actually take place in the regular "continuity" of Archie Comics or is it going to be a one-shot What If? fantasy dream type comic?  Do you know?  That sounds hilarious.  I loves me Jughead, BTW, and Dan DeCarlo did some great work with Archie's characters.  You've been a fan since 1989..dare I ask your age? 

Posted by infinityandbeyond

Nice! At least after lots of decades he decided to marry...but...who?
If it's Betty, Congratulations!
If it's Veronica, Good Luck!

Edited by TaffetaDarling

@ decepto- It appears that it is not a one shot. And I started reading when i was 9. Every friday after school, my mother would take me to 7-11 for a slurpee and the latest  Archie comic. Been hooked for a while. And from the get thought A +B=<3 .

 In fact to celebrate i put in archies mysteries to watch . 

@infinity@beyond- I know right. Betty is the obvious choice. Archie is totally more of a jell-o man than Creme Brulee.  ;)
Posted by Decept-O

Thanks for letting me know.  Also, thanks for sharing with me your comic book reading history, I actually enjoy it when I learn how, when, where, and why people started reading comic books. 

Posted by Psykhophear

It's about time Archie makes his goddamn decision. I used to be so anxious to learn who is Archie going to be married with but after many years of delays and nonsense, I began to ignore the crisis because the whole thing just goes on and on and it never ever stops. 

I mean come on, why does it take more than 60 years for Archie to make his f**king decision?! The suspense is just not fun anymore because the delay is so long you come to the point that you just don't care about it anymore. Did the writers have a hard time making such a simple decision? I know it's going to be a big deal as to which of Archie's gals is going to be his wife but just pick one. Betty, Veronica, Cheryl Blossom. I don't care. Nobody cares. Just pick someone and get one with it. Make it more interesting.

Now that I got all the rage aside, it's time for me to say that I sure hope this issue will be grand because it's a relieve to finally know that the Archie writers have come up with the final conclusion with the love triangle of Riverdale (It's about time. Seriously!). May all the disputes will end this September.

And for the record, I think Archie should marry Cheryl Blossom. Just an opinion.