• Date joined:2008-06-06
  • City:Gotham
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  • Alignment:Good
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Hangs out around Gotham. Works as a door man in night clubs and bars. Works out a lot. Trains in Taekwondo and friend to Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne aswell as a mysterious youth known as Subzero. He was born into a poor family in Gotham City. He is poor mother could not afford to keep him and he was abandoned onto the hard streets of Gotham. JJ grew up hard. He became involved with Tony Zocco who constantly picked on him and forced him to join the mob at only 11. JJ became a good fighter but was scared deeply after watching the murder of a childs parnets, who turned out to be Thomas Wayne and his wife, outside the Gotham threater. After this incident JJ realised what being in the mob meant and confronted Zucco. The two got in a brutal fight until it was stopped by a young police officer, a young Jim Gordon. Gordon sympathised with JJ but was forced to send him to a young offenders until outside Gotham. JJ was picked on here aswell but had put three of his tormenters in casulty and nearly killed the other. He was then sent to a higher security juvy. He grew resentful toward the life that he had been a part of he swore from that day on to fight the criminal element. It was here that he was paid a visit by Ras Al Ghul, who had heard of the young boys skill and helped him to escape the prision. JJ was brought to Ras's monastry shortly before his 13th brithday. It was only when he was11 that Subzerojoined and 13when Bruce Wayne found his way to the monistry aswell. The two became good friends, relising that they shared a common purpose. JJ adopted the name Taekwon after his martail art and the twotravled to Gotham where taekwon , onlu 14 years old began his role as a crime fighter by locating tormenter of his childhood Tony Zucco. Taekwon beat him near to death before leaving him to die on the streets. taekwon was now truley born.