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GOES SHA !!!!!

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Yay Changes :D

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And Acer


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Wanders in and sits on the sofa

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Sorry it isn't black and pink :(  :D



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Hero of the Month: CPG, Phenoms represent !!!

Baddie of the Month: Warsy.

Neutral(s) of the Month: Dark Huntress, go Pop star !! And M.R. for all that work for the COP

Team of the Month: COP

RPG of the Month: I have to give to World War Warsman.

Rookies of the Month: Phenoms !

Battle Rpg of the Month: Emerald vs Tidal Ripple, the only battle I read, but it's Awesome :)

Writer of the Month: Pop star (DH) your skills, I can't call you a rookie.

Avatar of the Month: M.R.'s Batwoman, it suits you honey ^_^

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Had he been one for cursing, he would have. Kurrent used his surge of ambient power to shut Magnum out, pounding on the heavy metallic door with his robotic hand, a few more shots, just a small dent. Time for a new route, Magnum tried forcing his mechanical fingers in, to wrench the door, nope, not a budge. “Jeez.” letting out a tired breath and with his  normal hand, he wiped his brow.

“Rule: 21 Always another way in.” he took off, back up, what seemed like more stairs then before, His chest  felt every one of them, it reminded him to hit the treadmill more, seconds slipped by, but he got back to the observation room. It looked like those fancy pants owner’s boxes at baseball games.

“Dad ?” Adam said

“What’s going on ?” Amber added

“Done kicking butt already ?” Emily finished

They were sitting in the middle of the plush red carpet of the room, playing. A little confused to see their daddy out of composer. “Hey kids...having fun?” he asked stepping over them, trying not to wreck the gam any further. “Yeah” they said in unison “Great.” T.J said, placing his metal hand on the pane of glass. Certain that it could take some punishment. “Kids   .....step back.”Taking daddy’s word, the triplets panicky gathered up the jacks and got to safe distance. T.J. watched them until it was okay. He slammed his robotic hand against it, six to seven times.

The window crackled and finally gave way, it spilled, some into the observation area, the rest out to the Danger room. Magnum made a mental note to remind him to tell Miranda, his secretary, to buy the VP a new one. “Love you guys.........and don’t play around the glass.” He said to the triplets as he hopped, feet first, out. His jet thrusters kicked on.

Magnum had a grand opportunity on his hands, Kurrent was fixated on the rookies, He took out his other pistol, Betty and Veronica were back together. He flew at Kurrent a popped off two, rounds, they were enough to pierce armor and hurt supers. Swinging around to get more in. “Just Great.” He groaned , his shoes started to cut off. Note to self, remind Miranda to remind him to refuel.

Lowering to the ground, he landed in front of Ms.Vespa, He tripped and stumbled, suave as ever. “Did I stick the landing ?” he chuckled. With the jokes out the way, he readied himself for retaliation.


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I'm 90 % done.