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Yay Superboy is back! 0

Obviously by now you all know, Superboy is back!! A Whole lot of this comic is how he deals with being back and some of the stuff he does. Hes also become a lot more...humble is i think the word i can best use, he has a whole new outlook on life and begins trying to model himself after Superman. While this is happening though he makes a stop to Lex Luthors old house, and it seems like hes trying to connect with his other half(he is after all half Superman and Half Lex). All over it was a great s...

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Somebody gonna get it! 0

ARGH!!! as great of a plot device as it is, i hate when the story starts off showing you what the general end result of the arc will be, without giving you any details, and THEN starting the story. So it starts off kinda like a TV show, teenagers doing teenage stuff and all that goodness (and a really nice shot of Aquagirl.....wet.....poor Blue Beetle, but I digress). So everyone else is being semi-normal and Cassie is off being depressed..... STILL. The team (minus Cassie) go out for a night on...

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Ok, i can live with it. 0

First off, art. The art was great i loved the way it looked, phenomenal work. Second, Content...It had plenty of content just like any other comic, but i felt it went a little too quickly. Not in terms of how much paper there was but it kinda felt to me like it went by a little too fast, like not enough ground was covered. But, since this is only the start of the Batwoman run it can slide. Story-wise, i cant pass judgment because its only the start of this arc, but it looks like it could wind up...

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Witty banter and all... 0

Yes, it was good. Humor, blood, a radio show host named Dr. Feelgood, what more do you want?  I seriously cant talk too much about it because its everything you'd expect from Deadpool, well placed grotesque humor, some psychotic 'talking to myself' sequences, and fighting. Oh! and theres flashbacks to grade school!!! So to those of you who trust me enough to pay attention to me, buy it! you wont be disappointed. If you dont trust me.....suck it up and buy it anyway, you wont be disappointed eith...

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Disappointing at best. 0

Ok dont get me wrong, i love the X-Men. But this 4 issue story arc has been a little disappointing. I mean its great to see Psylocke back and all, but the way theyve gotten around to bringing her back, I feel, is a little sub par.Not only that but the cover is very decieving, no Jean-Grey/Phoenix action whatsoever...which is where i thought this arc was gonna go, but i guess not. Another little beef i have with this arc is the story telling. Ok, not so much the story, but the way its presented, ...

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Now i have to start reading this one 0

Ok ill admit to everyone reading this that i am not a very big Fantastic 4 fan, frankly the only reason i bought this issue was i had some cash burning in my pocket and the store i get comics had ran out of what i wanted(stupid wolverine comics always sell out fast) . BUT!!!! I read this one and i think im gonna start buying this series too, this issue made me go 'huh?' so many times that now i want to read it so i can figure out whats going on. Theres a giant bald baby with no intestines and Dr...

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Another piece to the Puzzle 0

First off, i love the Green Lantern stories, so of course im gonna really enjoy this one.  The Origin of Agent Orange is revealed as he tells his tale to Hal after he agrees to give his Blue ring to Orange in exchange for his words. He tells of how he came to Okaara, what he found, what he did to anger the Guardians and the pact he made with them. No spoilers at all for this issue, its one your just gonna hafta read for yourself. But like i said, its another piece to the puzzle of Blackest Night...

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What a Great Issue! 0

Like the title says, WOW WHAT A GREAT ISSUE!!  Part 1 of American Son, and if the next 4 parts are this good, itll be well worth picking up. I honestly cant bring myself to tell you hardly anything at all about this issue. Ok...if you insist ill give you a little taste of what happens, but it will be very vague. Spidey has a little talk with Wolverine about his hatred for Norman Osborn and what hes become. Theres a very strange fist bumping moment, then Wolverine basically tells Peter that if he...

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Justice League of America #33 0

First of all, ive gotta clear this one small issue up that i have with this comic. Superman is on the cover, but he does not make an appearance in the comic. its the little things that irritate me. It starts with Dr. Light chasing Starbreaker through the dark wherever they are(i wont spoil it) and Zatanna trying to locate where they are. Then Green Lantern(John Stewart) says he knows someone who might know what happened to Dr. Light. Cut to Hardware, one of the guys from the Shadow Cabinet in pr...

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Justice Society of America #27 0

This is a neat issue, its not really a tie in to anything happening in the DCU right now, but more of a past catching up with you issue. It starts off with a little blurb about the original Infinity Inc., narrated by Atom Smasher. Hes interrupted when a drunk dude starts some crap with him. Then Stargirl and Cyclone show up saying that Obsidian has done something to the JSA building and he asked for Atom Smasher specifically. When they get there he sees that Obsidian has cloaked the whole buildi...

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Green Lantern Corps # 36 0

In the last issue it was revealed that Sinestro is Green Lantern Soranik Natus father.  Most of their conversation at the beginning of this issue is a father-daughter revelation type thing, with Sinestro revealing that he had given up Soranik to protect her from those that threatened him and his family. He tells her that he has always been watching her, disguising himself as others to be near to her without revealing himself. He even branded his secret family coat of arms onto her face (the two ...

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Captain America #50 0

The issue is more or less a look back at Buckys life up till now. It starts off with him being attacked by a group of flying armored men with heat seeking missiles and then he mentions that today is his birthday. Then it goes into some neat flashbacks of Buckys life before he met the Cap and in the final days of the war with Cap. The issue ends with a bunch of the Avengers throwing him a birthday party, then a comment is made about how Bucky has "gotta be at least Eighty or something" then you s...

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