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@danhimself: Ya that was kinda odd, but hes dead now, maybe the helmet will find another guy who's really tall.

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I never really liked Smallville, but when i heard about this episode i had to watch it. It was Awesome!!! If they could take all the elements of this episode and run with it it could become something completely amazing. Now that they've introduced these new characters there should be a JSA series, then as Smallville progresses they can make a JLA series. I have big hopes for the things to come!!!

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NOOOO!!!!! NOT VERONICA!!!!!! We have a wedding to crash folks, this cant happen.

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Its just as fun to watch the second time around!!! Im really excited for this, and for the live action one.

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NO!!!!!!!!! No No NO NONO!!  it just cant go all digital, there has to be paper copies, otherwise it wouldnt be a
'ComicBOOK'  and theyre a blast to hold and collect, having to haul a big box of heavy comics out of your way to find
your other box, putting em in order, baggin em so they dont get ruined, yelling at people when they touch the really
old ones.......thats half of why i love comics...well maybe not half.....still...ya cant beat paper.

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Ya know what sucks, falling behind on comic series because there isnt a comic store within a convenient distance. Got this weeks tho, but im
gonna miss next weeks...location sucks.