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I personally loved it, I just finished it, even though I won't go into a full blown review, trust me, it lives to the hype and more. I think DC is FINALLY doing it right and although Marvel is quite ahead in movies and storylines, they will definitely be having some competition in the next few years with Justice League, and all the Leaguers individual movies. I can't wait to see what else they have to bring to the table. :)

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@sentryman555: Yes, but more than likely it will be released to the public for money. If you get it on Amazon, you get it for free, but they will definitely release it later, because if they didn't they wouldn't get as much profit as they would, it's all smart business, and money is all people care about.

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Why haven't you guys posted anything on the newly leaked "Batman: Arkham Origins"? It's in Game Informer, and they have leaked quite a few things about it. I'm not getting my hopes up for it, but it is somewhat comic related and I figured most people on the site would like to hear about it if they haven't already... Also, they are releasing news on the "Deadpool" game all the time and I haven't seen much, again, just something I figured some might want to hear about, since most people don't really search for the news on stuff, they just wait for it to come to them.

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Darth Batman lives!!! Also, the Home Alone was the funniest in my opinion.

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Wait so are these variants or the "new" official covers. Because I have seen the solicits, and before these came out just a few days ago, there were different covers. So will the current covers be replaced with these, or will they be variants. I really hope these are official and not variant, because these are 100% better and more interesting.

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@OldOldLogan: was what????????

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I like it a lot better, because if you really think about it, it shows evolution. In the first movie, he was a high school student with not much experience in crafts, and had to make the costume from things he could find from around his house. The new one shows the evolution of his skill as a hero now, because I imagine this is taking place at least 1-2 years after the events of "Amazing Spider-Man 1" so the new costume shows that he has more experience and can actually make a more competent, flashy costume. I hope that the change of his costume is somehow integrated into the movie, and they don't just change it and ignore the fact it was changed.

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Dang-it, I wanted Batman.... I mis-clicked and got Superman!!!! :(

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I can't wait to get this, but I feel kind of bad. Because DC has so many good comics out now. And they rebooted first, so they kind of got priority. (I don't like to jump in the middle of series) If Marvel had rebooted first, then I would probably have way more Marvel series than DC. Add another DC to the list, while taking a Marvel off because I have to keep my comic budget under 40 dollars. :(

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I never have won a contest before, but I ma definitely going to try my best, as I am a huge Spider-Man fa, this book looks awesome, and I think it will be fun! :) Into my choice...... I think my choice(s) may be a little cliche and too suggested at times, but it has always bothered me in the way that this character(s) left and since comics are always pulling the impossible, they could do it in some way. I feel that the return of Betty Brant and possibly Gwen Stacy would be really cool. Betty Brant would be awesome as a character to bring back, not as the whole "Betty with an attitude" thing, but her normal, Daily Bugle thing. Not only would it be a big mix-up for Peter, but also Flash Thompson, the Venom writers could revisit her and create a whole slew of plot-lines centered around their relationship be it good or bad.

Now, I know many people will disagree with me on the "Return of Gwen Stacy" but I am not saying that they have to necessarily full on bring her back to life. I think that her death was one of the biggest if not the biggest pivot point in Peter's career not only as a character, but also as Spider-Man himself. Now that Doctor Octopus has taken "control" of Peters body, I think her being brought back, whether that be from the actual dead, or from a spiritual stand point, will create one of the best arcs we would see from Superior Spider-Man all year. It would definitely catch my eye and quite a few others.

I've always loved these characters. From reading the older ones that my dad would give me as a kid to now, constantly plotting new ideas and ways for them to be brought back in arguably one of the best arcs that we have seen in a while. I hope some of what I said got through to a writer. This would be great to see in the future if a good writer had the ability to adapt on it. I hope I win, but if I don't that's ok, I'm just glad I could share my opinions since I don't get to do that too much. :)