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Hi, my name is Tim. As most of you could probably assume, since I am on this sight, I am an avid comic lover and reader. My main character and absolute favorite among anyone in comic lore would have to be BATMAN!!! Some may know this from my recent (or not so recent, depending on when you read this) post about my love of him. I know almost everything about him, and am learning new things everyday as I study and keep reading.

As for me personally I am 17, a really smart guy (at least I think so), have awesome friends, and go to school and work (you need to work to get that comic money, trust me kids, it's a lot easier to buy things you want when it is your money than constantly asking parents or a sibling) like any other person.

So, I don't post too regularly on here, but I always like to check back everyday. I guess the last thing I will say is my list of 5 favorite characters:

DC: 1. Batman 2. Flash 3. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) 4. Starfire 5. Martian Manhunter and Nightwing are tied for 5

Marvel: 1. Spider-man 2. Deadpool 3. Ultimate Spider-man 4. Venom 5. Hawkeye