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Thanks all! Figures that the one Bat book I wasn't reading is the one that carries into this haha

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Is Batman and Aquaman #29 the introduction to "The Hunt for Robin" or is there an issue before hand that introduces the fact that Damian and Talia's bodies were stolen? Do we just jump into the story arc in #29? Am I missing where Batman finds the open graves?

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@teerack: Maybe the aftermath of what just happened in JLA is that she goes back to a full on villain again.

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@johnni_kun: HEAR HEAR!!! Good riddance organic web shooters!

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From what I've read online, it seems that Sony wants to play nice with Disney and let Spider-Man cameo in the Marvel flicks and vice versa. Fox, on the other hand, apparently pretty much said thanks, but no thanks we're good on our own.

I can't shake the feeling like Quicksilver is in DoFP only because Whedon let it out that QS and SW are going to be in Avengers II. Bryan Singer had been all about telling people about who is in his movie and tweeting about what characters are going to be in it a few months ago. Then Whedon lets it slip that the Pietro and Wanda are going to be in his movie, and a few weeks later they announce that they have casted a guy for Quicksilver in (supposedly) a small bit part in DoFP. It just makes me think that they want to stick him in the movie so they can lay claim on the fact that their Quicksilver gots on film first.

If it is, in fact, a bit part, that feels like you're wasting Quicksilver on a throw away role that they could plug in any speedster into. I think it would actually benefit Fox to use Northstar instead of Quicksilver cause then they can lay claim to having the first openly gay character in cinematic universe and use him later on.

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Whenever anyone asks "What is Robin's real name?" the first name I always think of is Dick Grayson.

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Two months ago I would have said Red Hood and the Outlaws...

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I like Ultimate Spider-Man and it's a good one to get into since it's not too far in so you can go back and read from #1.

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Somehow the topic of Mary Marvel came up in conversation with a friend of mine and I have a question for all you Viners.

Since Captain Marvel has been renamed Shazam in the New 52, what will they call Mary Marvel?

Mary is in the continuity currently, so it's a good bet that she'll get powers eventually. But since Billy Batson's is no longer named Captain Marvel, what do you think they'll call Mary? Mary Shazam? Shazam Girl? Lady Shazam?


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Conroy returning is making me feel a bit better, but no Rocksteady or Paul Dini are still big notches against.