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@g_man: I do remember that report. I'm not sure where I saw it but I'm pretty sure that Feige said they'd use the origin since that first report. I could be crazy though. I'm just pumped for a Doctor Strange movie. Great time to be a comic book fan.

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If I'm not mistaken, Kevin Feige has come out and said that Doctor Strange has one of the best origins in comics and they'd be fools not to use it. So, I'm fairly confident that his movie will at the very least utilize his origin. It may not be a full origin like Iron Man was but it could intertwine his past into the story going on in the movie.

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@k4tzm4n: Yeah, that part made me laugh out loud. My only consistent complaint about the show is that the Empire lacks gravity outside of Kallus and now the Inquisitor. The big bads are great but Storm Troopers are shown as completely incompetent. It is hard to buy into them as legitimate threats when they are missing Ezra from a foot away, like in the last episode. Still, this show is proving to be a worthy successor to The Clone Wars.

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This episode was outstanding. Absolutely a 5 in my book. The relationship between Ezra and Kanan was handled very well in this episode. The Inquisitor was absolutely diabolic. He is everything a Star Wars villain should be and I am very much looking forward to more appearances from him. The first couple episodes of this show had me conflicted but this one really sold me on how great Rebels can be. Storm Troopers are still being played for comedy too much but everything else about Rise of the Old Masters was amazing.

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To me, the visual aesthetic is the strongest part of the show. The weakest part is the CONSTANT reminder of who these characters will become. Edward Nigma needs to go, Selina Kyle is pretty lame, and the other references are kinda annoying at times too. Plus, casting all these characters to be 20 years older than Bruce Wayne is pretty dumb.

Overall, I enjoy the show, but I find the very premise to be an issue. If they would keep the focus on a police drama set in Gotham while keeping any of Batman's rogues out of the picture (with the exception of guys like Penguin and Falcone) then this show could be great. With the current structure, it'll only ever be okay imo. As a big Batman fan, I'll keep watching because it isn't bad, but it isn't what I want out of a Gotham show.

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I came back to say that I am super pumped about the Static web series. I love the character and I HATE what the New 52 has done to him. I was excited to see that he was being used but then they botched it so hard that he basically disappeared. I still think he should join the Teen Titans.

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Batman/Superman was originally going to be a Man of Steel sequel but that is no longer the case. When they hired Chris Terrio to re-write the script it became a Justice League prequel essentially and the Man of Steel sequel will be coming between 2016 and 2020. It will follow up on some events in Man of Steel but all things are pointing to it no longer being an actual sequel to that movie.

On the subject of Gotham, I think it's okay. Not bad but not great either. I'm getting kind of annoyed at the constant wink wink moments to the crowd. Edward Nigma is so forced. Penguin is an absolute delight though.

The Flash, Arrow, and the pilot for Constantine are my winners for comic book TV shows so far. Still don't care for Agents of SHIELD or The Walking Dead. I'll check out iZombie when it premieres but I'm not convinced that it's a show for me.

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@captainmarvel4ever: I'm actually glad she is gone. I understand the confusion. My wording wasn't the best there. I had issues with Liv as a character. She felt completely out of place. I thought the actress was fairly sub-par as well which really showed when her and Matt Ryan were together. I didn't hate her character but I don't think it would have been a good move to make her John's "side kick" like they intended.

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Loved the pilot. I'd definitely go 4 stars. It has room to grow but Matt Ryan was an absolute delight as Constantine and I am super pumped for the future of the show. My only issue was Liv but she has been written out of the show already so that won't be a problem going forward. I liked this pilot more than I've liked Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and most definitely more than Arrow in it's inception. I'd say this was on par with The Flash, which I also love.

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This looks really awesome. I have so many books that I want to check out and so little money to spend on comics!