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I think it is difficult to decide this one. A lot of people seem to be going off the fact that Ra's always loses but he is a villain. Of course he always loses. Moon Knight is the hero of his stories so naturally he would win all of them in the end. Even comparing feats is difficult in this instance for that reason. Just going off feats alone, then it has to be MK. If we go off the character's supposed fighting prowess then I'd go with Ra's al Ghul. I guess I'll vote "too close to call."

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Fantastic picks for all of these!

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@cuboid said:


My newly developed theory is that Ellis is being taken off MK to work on a Doctor Strange ongoing to build interest for the film.

This would be amazing. I'm really pulling for an ongoing Doctor Strange book. So many cool things could be done with the character. Ellis would be a good pick but it would likely be him doing 5 or 6 issues and leaving so Idk if I'd want him to be the writer. Does Jeff Lemire have an exclusive at DC? Cause I'd love a Lemire Doctor Strange book.

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As a trade waiter, I haven't gotten the chance to even read any of the Ellis Moon Knight. That said, Wood, Smallwood, and Bellaire is a great creative team. Hopefully the book can stick around for a bit.

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I loved Chronicle and I am optimistic about F4 so I'm on board with this pick.

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That Batman/Nightwing fight was really dumb but I absolutely hate when comment sections turn into immature pissing contests between "haters" and "fanboys."

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@g_man: Exactly. Half the fun with comics/comic related media is being able to discuss them with others. If everyone held the same opinion the world would be a really boring place.

Yeah I agree, the Kitty thing was a minor gripe. Secondary mutations have been an established part of the X-Men for a while now so I can kind of overlook that.

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Great podcast guys! BUT, I gotta disagree about a lot of the complaints you both have. I thought the amount of future stuff was perfect and the way they handled Wolverine in the movie was better than he has ever been handled on the big screen. I love Wolverine when he acts as a supporting character and not a lead. He was the inciting moment for the story but ultimately the movie was about young Xavier, Magneto, and Mystique. The screenplay was tight and the story was fully engaging. This movie could have easily been just another cluster, like X3, with too many mutants and plot threads going on with very little satisfying purpose but Singer and company really pulled it off. I loved it.

The only thing that bothered me, as it did with you as well Tony, was Kitty magically being able to send people's consciousnesses back. It would have made much more sense for a telepath to do it. Introducing a Rachel Grey character would have been cool or they could have just made old Xavier do it. I get that they wanted to throw fans a bone and make Kitty important but I kept waiting for them to explain why she all of a sudden had this new power but they never did.

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The only one of these I wouldn't want is Evan Peters as Foggy. Not because I think he would be bad but more because I'd rather he continue as Quicksilver in the X-Men franchise. Really enjoyed his scenes in DOFP. The rest of the castings are pretty spot on.