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Just because a series will come back does not mean it wasn't "cancelled." Obviously, there are some scenarios where a book is simply "relaunched" from the get go but if we used the logic Tony is applying here then almost no book would ever be cancelled because at some point there will likely be a new volume. Still, I see what you mean and I am quite confident that the Fantastic Four will get a new series sooner rather than later. Plus, the Marvel is trying to screw over Fox theory is really dumb.

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@xframe29: A very well received creative team finished their run and were replaced by an unknown entity and an artist who is not overly popular with certain people, especially those who adore Chiang's style. I haven't read this issue and probably won't unless it gets positive buzz down the line. Azz and Chiang's run on the book was what actually got me interested in the character. It was going to end eventually but I was hoping that the book would maintain the unique style it had. All the interviews I have seen from this creative team indicate that they are heading in a direction with this title that I quite frankly don't want to see. I'm not making a quality judgment here having not read the issue but I can certainly understand why people might be quick to get upset. This review is actually more generous than others I have seen so a big dip in quality in some people's opinions will garner negative reactions even if it is just the first issue.

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Jessica De Gouw would be awful. Other than that there are good choices here.

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I took a break from Dragon Age Inquisition to watch this episode and I probably shouldn't have. It wasn't a bad episode necessarily but I found myself not caring at all about Cupid or her "villain of the week" story. She'll be back but I just don't like the character. I love Ray Palmer and honestly if it wasn't for him, I'd be getting pretty disgruntled with this season. There are still certain things that stand out this season but none of the episodes have been above average. I know I say this on every review but this is another 3 star episode in a season that has been nothing but 3 star episodes.

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I'm a big fan of the Teen Titans and Jeff Lemire but I really don't like Dodson's style. I'm torn on this. I'm sure I'll pick it up in the future but I may wait a bit on it.

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I'll be really annoyed if the killer is Cupid. This needs to tie in to the main story line of the season otherwise I'll feel like all of this was pointless. Obviously, it is motivation for the world's worst character to become Canary but it needs to be more than that imo. I've already been very underwhelmed by the first chunk of this season and if it turns out that a crappy character that Andrew Kreisberg created in the comics was the killer, then I'd be confused as to why so much time was spent on this just to have it be a lame jealousy murder. Also, I really hope they don't save the killer reveal for the mid-season finale, which I feel like they very well could. If that happens then we are in for a lot of filler until then.

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Oh Valiant, you never fail to impress.

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I agree with this review completely. I have been liking the show for the most part until this episode. It hasn't been great but it has held my attention. This episode was really boring. On top of that, Harvey Dent was completely lame and unnecessary. That actor was not up to snuff. Barbara remains one of the worst characters on television. I really don't understand what the writers are doing with her. If their goal is to make me hate her as much as possible, then mission accomplished because she is an empty headed child who has the reasoning skills of my left butt cheek. Edward Nygma is still super annoying. Selena "they call me Cat" Kyle remains cringe worthy... This was basically an episode that highlighted all the things that suck about this show without giving us any of the things that have made it decent so far. Really disappointed in this one.

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I'm sorry, I just can't get behind David Finch's art. Not sure I'll check this out. He is just one of those artists that turns me off to any story he draws, no matter the quality of the writing. That is the reason I haven't read Forever Evil yet.

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I have read the first trade of Invincible with the intention of continuing it at some point but as it stands my knowledge base is not large enough to properly judge. I assume the character has grown in skill and experience. Based on the first trade Wonder Woman would stomp him but as I don't know what has developed of the character since, I can't say one way or the other. Sorry @k4tzm4n! I'll be spending way too much time playing Dragon Age Inquisition to be able to properly study up on character feats and other related information this week.