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4 stars is probably about right. The episode was fantastic but ultimately we didn't get much forward momentum on the plot which is kind of concerning because we only have 2 more episodes left this season. Idk if this rising darkness story is intended to spill into the second season (if it gets one) but I'm a little concerned about that. If it wraps up in 2 episodes then it'll feel way too abrupt. On the other hand, if it doesn't wrap up then we may never get a conclusion to it. Anyway, this show remains my favorite comic book show on TV and I continue to hope it gets a second season.

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@g_man: And then all of the Star Wars stories after this will be erased like the photo in Back to the Future! lol

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@the_stegman: Yeah, I know. I'm guessing that this is the entire fight between the two and Luke will be saved in the next panel or two. I just don't want this comic to fall into the trap of forcing Vader into the story too frequently to the point that it diminishes how special a conflict between the two is. I love The Clone Wars but one complaint I did have about it is Dooku had too many duels with Obi-Wan/Anakin. By the time Anakin kills him in Revenge of the Sith, they had already fought a handful of times before. I'm confident that Jason Aaron/Marvel will do a great job with this series (especially since they are working with the Lucasfilm story group) and I'm just being overly worrisome. But that's what fans do I suppose. lol

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That first issue was pretty fantastic but I kinda don't want Vader vs Luke at this point in the timeline. As long as this is the only time it happens before Empire Strikes Back then I suppose I'm okay with it. It's certainly a hook to sell comics and this scene plays out really well.

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I voted Black Panther but I would have liked for Spawn to have been an option. Probably in place of Blade considering we have 5 Marvel choices and only 2 DC. Come to think of it, I would have really liked seeing Shadowman on here as well. Mr. Boniface would have gotten my vote.

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This was a big improvement over last week. I hated last week's episode but all the stuff with Gordon in this episode was really engaging. I still have problems with pretty much all of the side plots. It's also annoying that two recent major plot points have little lasting impact. Gordon was only in Arkham for one episode and Fish was in captivity for less than half an episode. It still changed the status quo for her character but I would have liked more from that sub-plot. Especially since that was such a focus of the first half of the season. Oh well, this show remains decent most of the time (with a couple major duds sprinkled in) and this was one of the better episodes. 4 out of 5.

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@illmatic4177: I still think that everything I have heard Bendis say, it sounds like a reboot. As I said, not to the level of the New 52, but a reboot nonetheless. In an attempt to be new reader friendly I kind of expect that even though things from the past may not change, they won't be referencing them at all. It'll be very interesting to see what happens though. It'll be a very crazy time for the big two with Convergence and Secret Wars. DiDio said that they are "leaving all doors open" and they want to "bridge the gap between different generations of fans" so both companies have a somewhat nebulous sounding event coming that may or may not act as a soft reboot.

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Listening to what Bendis had to say about Secret Wars and "All New Marvel" on Seth Meyers is the biggest reason I am convinced that this is a reboot. Have they legitimately said "This isn't a reboot" because I haven't seen anything where they did? I just think they are trying to avoid that specific word because fans have such a massively negative reaction to it. I am a bigger fan of DC and I always have been so the prospect of a Marvel reboot doesn't really bother me. Certain characters REALLY need a fresh start. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, for instance, have such a convoluted history that it's hard for even hardcore X-Men fans to really explain it. Wolverine's history is pretty muddled and nonsensical ever since they started telling stories about every little thing in his past. I think this "totally not a reboot" will end up being less extreme than the New 52 reboot but it is still, at it's heart, a reboot.

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4 out of 5 from me. I really enjoyed this. It wasn't the best episode of the season but I liked seeing more from Chas and Felix Faust was really cool. I'm fairly confident that he'll be back if this show gets renewed.

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Oh and I TOTALLY FORGOT A MAJOR ONE! The Dark Knight Returns part 4 deserves to be part of my four as TDKR was the first comic I bought once I decided to get into comics. I feel like a fool for forgetting it.