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@sbyrstall: This is only the second event since the New 52 began in 2011. Compared to how many Marvel has (about 2 per year), that's a pretty small number. Plus, DC has said that post-Convergence they will be focusing on telling stories within the titles and keeping the events low. Which is actually a somewhat risky move in the current event-driven market. The two things that always dominate the sales charts are events and number 1s and DC hasn't been relaunching all of their books annually and are less event driven. Which may contribute to the giant gap between Marvel and DC right now in market share.

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Convergence #0 did a decent enough job of setting up Convergence but as someone who did not read Doomed, I found myself a bit confused by some of the references in the beginning. Still, I get the overall point. I actually disagree about the Van Sciver art. In some spots it looked really wonky and out of proportion. Some panels and pages looked gorgeous but it was a bit too inconsistent for me to fully put that in the positive. As you said in the review, this is a zero issue and is entirely meant to set up the premise but I can't help but feel like there was still not enough story. All of the dialogue was there for exposition and at times Superman felt like he was there to act as a sounding board for the audience that wants to understand what's going on rather than an actual character reacting to the situation around him. My favorite moments were seeing the Brainiac that I grew up with in the cartoon as well as seeing all the different Superman deaths. My final verdict on this would be 3 stars but I'm invested enough in finding out what happens to my beloved DCU that I'll be sticking with this.

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I thought issue 51 was great. That was probably a 5 star issue for me. Which may be why I was a bit letdown by the actual end here. I'd go 3 stars as the changing art bothered me a great deal and ultimately, the end was a bit cliche if I'm being honest. I liked aspects of it but it just didn't feel overly compelling. I think Eternal overall was really good though. Certainly better than I expected considering the weekly pace.

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@g_man: Yeah, the initial announcement wasn't clear but it has since been clarified. I know there are still quite a few people out there that are unsure of what Journey to the Force Awakens entails and I think that's due to a rather poor initial announcement. The Marvel comics are counted as part of the 20 titles as well so it really isn't nearly as daunting as it sounds. I'm pretty pumped to see what they'll be coming out with but then again, I get excited for almost anything Star Wars.

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The 20 Star Wars books that were asked about are a little deceiving. Del Rey is doing a "Journey to the Force Awakens" publishing initiative that is set to contain 20 books, all of which will come out before the movie in December. The deceiving part is that a huge chunk of that is things like young reader novels, coloring books, sticker books, etc. So, it is true that 20 books are coming out but only a few of them are standard adult novels.

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@scouterv: I wouldn't say they aren't "tough." They just aren't all that well suited for these types of battle scenarios. Plus, imo, people drastically underrate the skill of Joker/Harley, Bane, and Freeze. I don't necessarily think the results should have been different but a lot of people commenting are using the fact that Batman's villains lost all these fan voted polls as some form of proof that Batman's villains are weak when it simply isn't true.

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The thing about most of Batman's villains is that they represent more than a physical threat. They are psychological in nature a lot of the time. Plus they have henchman and schemes and stuff like that. I also think that putting them up against heroes is going to result in losses almost every time. Ra's al Ghul (though I know why he wasn't one of the match-ups) probably would have won whatever fight he would have been in.

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Gotta go with a three on this episode. Some things I actually kind of liked but too many nagging annoyances brought it down a notch. I am probably in the minority here but I hate that Arrow keeps stealing villains from other characters. I know that Green Arrow doesn't have a particularly strong rogues gallery to take from but when you are taking fairly major aspects of other characters and re-purposing them (Slade Wilson and now HIVE, among many others) it starts to bother me. Slade was fine because that season was awesome but with the Titans show coming up, Arrow has already used their biggest villain (Deathstroke) and one of historical importance (HIVE). These universes won't be connected so it's possible that Titans could use these characters again but somehow I doubt they'd want to considering they'll be targeting audiences likely already watching Arrow.

I also found Iron Atom Man to be underwhelming. The scene itself was cool but would it have killed them to make Atom actually have his powerset? He could develop that power later but as of now he is just a poor man's Iron Man.

Others have mentioned this as well but the fight scenes were fairly weak. When there is a wide shot showing multiple combatants at once, it is painfully obvious that they are trying to avoid striking when actual people would.

The Suicide Squad parts of the episode were riddled with writing gaffs. Why didn't the Squad just shoot the gun out of the politician's hand as soon as he pointed it at someone? Instead all four members stood there slackjawed. Not to mention, the guy's entire plan was ridiculous. Especially since it ended up working...

A lot of my complaints are fairly minor on their own (except my annoyance at villain stealing) but adding them all up (some not mentioned here), it results in an average viewing experience. This season is beyond redemption at this point imo because even if they stick the landing, a vast majority of the episodes this season haven't been all that good. This is another in a long list of mediocrity for the season.

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I have never been one of the people who actually believe the completely insane theories that Marvel is trying to sabotage Fox by cancelling Fantastic Four or killing Deadpool. Basically, those theories are nonsense. However, from the moment the Inhumans started getting hyped, I had a feeling that Marvel was going to try to replace the X-Men with them. Not because they think it will hurt Fox's movies, but because they are clearly molding the comics to resemble the movies as much as possible. It is becoming fairly obvious that the Inhumans are essentially their mutants. Right down to SHIELD's hinted distrust and registration of them. Putting an X-Men slogan on the cover of UNCANNY Inhumans does not dissuade me from this opinion. Whether or not that is a bad thing depends on your perspective I suppose. I grew up with the X-Men cartoon and I have never had much affinity for the Inhumans (though I do find them to be interesting) so to me, this is a bad thing. I just hope this won't result in the total undercutting of the X-Men. I can't imagine it will but I'm still just a bit worried.

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Tony, you're only half right about Ra's al Ghul. They did feature a Lazarus Pit in the episode (even though they didn't call it that). He dunked his hand in it to heal after he caught Nyssa's sword with his bare hand. Ra's said that the pit's effects begin to ware off after a time. So it seems that a person can extend their life for a long time but not forever. That appears to be the reason Ra's al Ghul became a mantle in the Arrow universe. Plus, there was some kind of prophecy about Oliver being the one who survived or something. Which is why Ra's offered the mantle to him instead of his own daughter.