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This trailer looks better than the previous one but I'm still quite sure the movie is going to suck. I'll still see it though. Partly because I am a sucker for the Turtles and partly out of morbid curiosity. All I am really hoping to get out of it is some entertaining action sequences. The dialogue/acting will likely be pretty bad but as long as I get some level of entertainment out of it then I'll walk away from the theater without regrets.

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Both of these are fantastic but it has to be Mask of the Phantasm for me. It is so great and captures such a big part of my childhood.

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@jonny_anonymous: I constantly ask myself the same question about Romita Jr. Man Without Fear was great. At least this looks better than some of his work on Avengers with Bendis.

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DOFP for sure. Love both movies though.

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Wow. Knowing how big an Ultimate Universe fan you are Mat, this must really sting. I have been slowly working my way through Ultimate Spider-Man from the beginning but I thought about jumping onto these new books. I doubt I will now. I haven't been seeing good things about any of them except Spider-Man.

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I have very little experience with the character. The trades from the Huston/Finch run are in the mail. I'm really looking forward to reading them but I doubt I will have the time to read enough to make a well informed pick on this poll before it closes. From what I know of MK, he seems like my kind of character.

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@i_dont_like_comics: Well, I definitely don't see it as a "rip-off." Especially since we have only seen a couple trailers. Have you read Hellblazer? I'm a fan of Supernatural and I've seen most of it. I don't have sources but I don't think think it's a stretch to say that Supernatural seems to have at least been somewhat influenced by the comics. I could be way wrong too but I still think it is a little hasty to say that Constantine is a rip-off of anything when it's source material is a comic book that started in 1988.

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@i_dont_like_comics: "Supernatural" was based on Hellblazer if I am not mistaken, so of course they seem somewhat similar.

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I am so excited for this series! Hellblazer might be my favorite comic book series of all time and everything I have seen of this show has me so pumped for the possibilities.

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I almost voted "I love both of them" because that is definitely true but I do enjoy JLU a bit more than Batman Beyond. The Justice League is such an iconic group and I think it says a lot about the quality of JLU that many people still consider that the definitive interpretation of said iconic team. It did a wonderful job of showcasing lesser known DCU characters while giving enough time to the big names we all love. I just recently re-watched both of these series and they hold up extremely well. The Timm-verse was something to behold and both of these shows played a huge part in bringing me to the world of comics.