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Pretty happy I was featured this time. Didn't think I would be. Anyway, I may not agree with the final result but Jim Lee is a beast. Most of these artists are absolutely spectacular so there was no right answer here. I'm just glad Batman has been fortunate to have so many great artists over the years.

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Gotta be Capullo for me. He is one of my all time favorite artists. The amazing detail and atmosphere that he is able to bring to Batman is breath taking every time I look at it. I would say that Jock and Mazzucchelli are also two of my favorite Batman artists.

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I like this casting but I find it pretty funny that they waited so long to announce it. To the point that everyone already knew this and this announcement lands with little excitement generation for the film. At least for me. I'm glad they went with an intimidating force for the role. I want them to take the character seriously and it seems like they will. As far as Momoa's acting chops, that is still up in the air. I've only ever seen him in Game of Thrones and he didn't have to do much in that. I heard Conan was pretty awful and those two things are really his biggest roles I can think of. I hope he nails it.

EDIT: Wow, guess I should have read the article before commenting. These sources don't confirm anything. Until WB makes the announcement it is still rumor.

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I haven't watched professional wrestling since the whole Vince McMahon death storyline in the summer of 2007. I felt like the quality of the product had just dive bombed around that time. I continued watching Impact Wrestling a little longer but fell off that pretty quick too. Then I starting watching a little bit again a few years later and found the PG WWE to be off putting. I'll definitely be listening to this new podcast because there is still love in my heart for pro wrestling. I may have to check out the current product and see if I can get into it.

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I haven't seen Assault on Arkham yet but I wasn't too thrilled with Justice League: War or Son of Batman so I am really hoping they knock it out of the park with this one. DC animation is still good but it is hard not to compare the current movies to what we got in the past. Imo, the current direction doesn't compare favorably.

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This is a really easy pick for me. While I still really enjoy The Dark Knight Rises, it was most definitely the weakest of the trilogy. Batman Begins takes this match-up. I loved the re-imagining of Batman's training and the way they handled it felt very true to the character. There is one moment towards the end of the movie that doesn't exactly stay true to the character but I still love Batman Begins.

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Batman is my all time favorite character but he gets enough of the spotlight. My vote went to Hal Jordan but I'd love to see Aquaman too. There are some great potential match-ups for these characters and I think basically any of the choices will spark a lot of great conversation.

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I feel kinda like a jerk because I have been pretty luke warm on this series from the beginning. Idk what it is but I don't quite love it like everyone else. David Aja is masterful and Fraction is a really finny guy but the series doesn't knock my socks off when compared to a series like Daredevil that has a similar tone and visual style. I'm still picking up the trades when I can because it's a good series and I like Fraction's characterization of Hawkeye much more than the one that normally pops up in The Avengers comics.

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This is an easy vote for me. Wonder Woman costume reveal/Batman v. Superman test footage by a wide margin.

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@spitfirepanda: You're welcome. I'm always happy to help a fellow Star Wars fan.