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I feel kinda like a jerk because I have been pretty luke warm on this series from the beginning. Idk what it is but I don't quite love it like everyone else. David Aja is masterful and Fraction is a really finny guy but the series doesn't knock my socks off when compared to a series like Daredevil that has a similar tone and visual style. I'm still picking up the trades when I can because it's a good series and I like Fraction's characterization of Hawkeye much more than the one that normally pops up in The Avengers comics.

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This is an easy vote for me. Wonder Woman costume reveal/Batman v. Superman test footage by a wide margin.

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@spitfirepanda: You're welcome. I'm always happy to help a fellow Star Wars fan.

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@stmichalofwilson: Ahsoka is awesome. Her character arc in The Clone Wars was so well done. I was not the biggest fan of her when I first saw The Clone Wars movie but by the time she walks away from the Jedi Order at the end of season 5 I had grown more attached to her than I had ever imagined I would.

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@spitfirepanda: All stories going forward will be part of the new unified canon. That includes the new Marvel comics, Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Star Wars Rebels, the new books (starting with A New Dawn), obviously all of the new movies, and the short stories from Star Wars Insider. The six movies and The Clone Wars are the current canon until the new stories start coming out.

I sorta feel your pain on just getting into the books. I've read more Star Wars books in the last year than I have ever before but a lot of the content was hit or miss. Imo the new unified canon looks very promising and will more than likely result in a more consistent story telling quality.

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@spulk: Doctor Strange was one of the first comic books I ever owned and has been one of my all time favorites since I was able to grasp the concepts of his stories. So, I am right along side you in trumpeting for a new Doctor Strange solo title. I do believe we will see it but probably not until his movie is closer to being released. I'd say about 6 months to a year before his movie is set to release there will be a new solo series for the Sorcerer Supreme. I think it is unfortunate that the movies hold so much power over the comics but I think it is pretty obvious that they do.

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I was excited about Jessica Drew getting her own book but that only lasted until I read the words Greg Land. His art is a deal breaker. I hope he doesn't stick around for very long.

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As a concept, I think this S.H.I.E.L.D book sounds pretty cool but I am getting a little tired of the films/tv shows so heavily influencing the comics. Part of me thinks I should just get over it because it seems like a trend that is here to stay, but I think including characters that aren't all that well liked is taking it a bit too far. Coulson made sense because he was a fan favorite but most of the characters from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are pretty bland imo. Although, with Waid writing it, there is a better than average chance it'll be good.

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My top ten are:

1. Batman
2. John Constantine
3. Daredevil
4. Hellboy
5. Hal Jordan
6. Doctor Strange
7. Joker
8. Damian Wayne
9. Kitty Pryde
10. Sinestro

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The extended trailer and scene they released were both awesome. I'm fully on board with this show. Can't wait to see it.