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@the_stegman: It's also because of the roller coaster that is her character arc. In the first season she was all over the place. Then in season 2 she was unbearable for most of it. Then towards the end (possibly because the show runners realized how awful she was) she had a dramatic improvement. Then this season she is acting like a moron again. I understand that she would be in an emotional state after the tragic death of her sister but man, she is just so unlikable. Laurel has also been the source of a lot of the signature CW drama and most of that stuff has really fallen flat for me. She has a lot going against her right now.

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Really good episode but I still really dislike Laurel. They will have to do some great character building with her for me to ever care about her. Sara wasn't my favorite character but she brought something enjoyable to the show. Most scenes with Laurel just frustrate me.

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I think this is fantastic news. Glad to see all the characters I wanted to get a solo movie are actually getting one. The only movie not on this list or indicated to be happening (like the Batman and Superman solos) is the Justice League Dark movie that Del Toro has been attached to direct for a while. I'm a Del Toro fanboy as well as a big fan of DC's Dark stuff so that would be even more anticipated for me than all of these movies if it was confirmed to actually be happening. Maybe they'll announce it one day. Only other minor complaint I have would be the idea of Suicide Squad being the first movie to follow up the universe building of Batman/Superman. Still, as a big DC guy, this is great news. News I have been waiting a long time to see.

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@ironangelx: I think you are the first person I have ever seen say the 5th season was meh. In my humble opinion, it was by far the best season. Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars character though so maybe that influences my opinion a great deal. Plus, outside the banking arc, the sixth season was pretty amazing too.

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Mat, your USA television show synopsis was fantastic. Especially The Cleaner pitch. Make it happen!

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Dennis is a fantastic guest. Always a great time to listen to him. I'm glad he doesn't shy away from the touchy topics in the geek community.

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I really wish I had the money for this. Way too expensive for me but it is truly amazing.

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I would give this episode 5 stars. I loved every minute of it. The performances were great, the CWness was at a minimum, and the episode ended with me wanting more. It was a highly effective pilot that deserves a 5, imo.

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I want that poster so bad

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I really enjoyed this as well. I had high hopes coming into the this and it mostly lived up to my expectations. The Inquisitor getting involved now should be even better. As a fan of the villains of Star Wars, I can't wait to see what he brings to the table.