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The movie visually was fantastic let me start off by saying this. The muic choice and soundtrack which was great at times seemed completley wrong for parts of the movie, I.e. certain intimate scenes (read the novel). The change at the end was drastic, but it worked better cinematically and appealed to a larger audience i suppose, which doesnt make it right but its hollywoods job to sell, not to make us devoted comic nerds happy haha. Either way it really is a must see. The added violence was only a problem in some bits because it made some of the tougher characters more easily defined, more hateable like the comedian. I feel like thye made his character much muc darker in the film which was a plus and a minus. We didnt as viewers feel the same emotional attatchment to him in the film as in the comic wich took away from the entire message, that life is a joke and hes the only one who really knows whats going on and for the most part, understands humanity. The beginning also posed some problems for those who hadnt read the comic... It was an amazing sequence if you knew what was going on though. It did a very good job of summing up who the minutemen were wlthough they failed to even really mentin hooded justices name when i felt like they shouldve because he was the first. Oh well, all over all i give it a five out of five it was a stunning piece of cinema that should be appreciated for more than it seems. Its deeper than it looks on the surface and people need to take time to realize that.

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I am rather partial to terras look in the teen titans go! and the tv show the teen titans. what do you guys think?