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@k4tzm4n said:
" @symbiote5:
How does it feel to be that big of a Venom fanboy? "
How does it feel to refuse to listen to any logic?
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@k4tzm4n said:
" @symbiote5:
How does it feel to be that big of a Venom fanboy? "

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wow i can see alot of you underestimate venom sure juggernaut has thunder clap but you all act like venom is just gonna stay there and let him clap him come on venom is crazy but not that crazy. Anybody who reads juggernaut knows that he is easily persuaded and can be knocked off his game easy yes juggernaut is one of the strongest but his weakness is that he can be easily distracted the only juggs wins this is if venom allows him to gain momentum because then he is unstoppable and venom wont have a chance but thats not gonna happen. You say that it was plot induced stupidity but if juggernaut was beating venom in the comic and i said venom was winning i would probably be called a fanboy hmm sounds a little bias to me anyone who read all issues of venom the madness when he met juggernaut then you would know that venom had juggernaut beaten venom has the ability to not only use his
tendrils but also has razor sharp claws not to mention his durability if there is no sonic or fire nearby then venom has a really high chance of winning remember that the venom we are talking about here is Eddie Brock venom at his prime and the fact that you think the match would be over just because of a thunder clap is clearly an insult. People forget that venom is crafty and sly remeber he is the poison to spider man because he knows alot of things about him Venom knows how to get under peoples skin and displayed it in the madness series when he faced juggernaut your opinion is your opinion but to call this a curb stomp is just not smart thinking.

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@HellionVulcan said:
" wow a near 4 year old thread bumped but even depowered juggernaut stomps venom flat . "
juggernaut got b!tch slapped
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@Zoom said:

Eternal Chaos says:

"Zoom says:
"Eternal Chaos says:
"Adidas Demon says:
"Venom and Juggernaut fought in a pretty good 3 issue run called Venom: Madness. Juggernaut shows up to kidnap Beck Underwood, Venom's girlfriend. The two fight only to have Juggernaut knock Venom into a different type symbiote that merges to him. The new presence causes Venom to go more insane. Juggernaut figure to go and kill Beck, and finds Venom again, and beats the new improved Venom. Cain is told to sit with Beck until further instructed. Cain finds out that the cops are now involved and that he probably isn't going to get paid. Venom returns and Cain decides to bail since he isn't getting paid anymore. Basically the first encounter/fight. venom Just got wasted. He would have died itf he didn't bond with the other "symbiote". "
I'd swear Venom was like laughing when he was getting hit. Lol."
He was! And that's what confused me. Juggernaut is strong enough to KO Spidey in one good hit. He gave Venom like 18 good hits and the guy laughed! What a confusing fight."
The way I see it, Venom just got a hell of a power up for that fight. The way I read it, Venom wasn't even phased and he was just taking Juggy's shots like they were nothing. Than when he bonded with Creep he owned Juggy."

Well then you heard wrong.

Juggernaut was manhandling Venom, he just didn't go into unconsciousness or die.

Stuff like Venom is on the ground and Juggernaut is repeatedly stomping on his head and Venom just has his evil smile on.

Venom never did a thing that hurt the Juggernaut because he doesn't have the ability.

Actually ya wrong too that was only a fraction of what happened i have every issue when venom bonded with creep venom became psycho and had like six heads and he seemed stronger your right juggernaut did step on venom's head but i also remember venom throwing juggernaut into the wall like a ragdoll and b!tch slapping him into a window venom was a beast when he bonded and had the upper hand but when venom starting getting sick is when juggernaut was starting to get the advantage. My point is that venom was actually on the same if not a higher level then juggernaut when he bonded with creep and actually gave juggernaut trouble.


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ok I officially declare this battle in all aspects of fighting no holds barred this is based on more than just strength
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@ScipioAfricanus said:
" @symbiote5:  Brock's with the symbiote is around 25 tons with high durability. Bane is around 2 tons on his Venom. "
So whats Bane without the venom and isnt venom around the 50-75 ton range i know for a fact hes lift things heavier than that and bane durability may not be on the same level as venom but this wouldnt be a curb stomp
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@Thor's hammmer said:

" @crackerjack82 said:

"Well here comes a can of worms  Raw power venom Overall, i think bane would win this fight "

how is bane even going to hurt him at all? "
I think that was sarcasm He obviously Knows Bane doesn't win this fight
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@ScipioAfricanus said:
" Bane gets completely murdered in about two seconds. Huge mismatch.  "
Really isn't Bane on the same strength level as venom
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 eddie brock is reunited with the symbiote and comes across bane in an alley  this should be a good strength match who comes out on top and who do you think is stronger