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appearences with the x force after leaving canada deadpool met weasel who he let know about the information broker and specialist which ended as a abusive best friendship for deadpool. deadpool began working with villains like the mysterious mr toliver,wilson fisk and the Hobgoblin. When he worked with mr tolliver it made him a adversary with Cable and his team known as the New mutants also known as the x force in deadpool first encounter with the new mutants he defeated most of them using his unique tactic of hand to hand combat tactics he also used his gadgetry but even with this good battle he was shot by ex girlfriend, Copycat who happened to be associated with tolliver orders as cable's partner. Cable delivered Deadpool back to mr Tolliver. After Deadpool was delivered Tolliver ordered Deadpool to steal software in canada while trying to do this he was defeated by Kane and then was teleported to safety he was then ordered by Tolliver to intimidate vanessa after this Cble discovered her treachery and tracked Tolliver down while Deadpool stabbed and almost kill Vanessa. Deadpool battled Cable and and was shot by the real domino and then was revived and joined the secret defenders. After the apparent of mr Tolliver from cable Deadpool and Weasel traveled through Sarajevo to claim the most powerful weapon in the world this led them to a quest as they battled Black Tom and Juggernaut and this also led in one of his more creative victories. Deadpool dangled Black tom out of a plane as he gained the information disk and let him fall as Juggernaut leaped after him. Deadpool sought to protect his ex girlfriend Copycat who was also a part of the hunt and had arranged for Sluggo arest after he killed her best friend Kane sought to protect her since the most powerful weapon made a prime target for all mercanaries. In a climatic battlehad a hidden ache everybody was thrown together as Copycat attempted to sacrifice herself in order to save Deadpool. During the vicous attack Vanessa and Kane became lovers as she accepted Cable and thought he didnt want to hurt her she had posed as Domino during the relationship when he discovered the new development Deadpool chased them which led him to Wolverine Deadpool fought him and defeated him by slicing his face, as Wolverine's healing factor had been pushed to its absolute maximum from having the admantium forcibly removed. After Deadpool fought both Kane and Copycat at once Wolverine saved Copycat life. During the encounter with Black Tom and Juggernaut Deadpool had a virus planted which led to his regenarative powers as a source due to Black tom salvation in New York Black Tom and Juggernaut sent groups of mercanaries after Deadpool after discovering that his regeneration was mysteriously failing. Powers