Share your own comic(company) stuff!

Lately i've seen peoples talking about their dreams to have an comic company so here is the thread!In this page you can share your site/facebook page,art work,information about your comics,etc.Its would be interesting to see viners here(Hopefully)!Talking about my stuff i didnt start to make scripts and i dont have any artist yet(My art doesnt worth 2pennys -_-).

Labrèche Comics

Sauveurs(Savers are Saving the world)

1-Team Leader:Capitaine Québec

High-tech Cyborg,Male,he's Qc

Arch Ennemy:Zéphilia Artene(Female)


An immortal Knight,he fight magicians and Demons,Male,he's French

Arch Ennemy:Powerfull Mage(Male,Didnt choose his name yet)


Male,He was born in the cosmicland.His special attack is Spinning bomb(not an explosion)

Arch Ennemy:Cosmic King/Shadowman(Male,Depends)

4-Récolteuse d'âmes

Soul themed,Female,She's Qc

Arch Ennemy:Philipe Deschamps(Male,Sprentom<Group)


He's the creation of every gods(Hartagor(Mine),Mendror(Mine),Zeus,Odin,Etc..),he quitted(With an epic speech) and created an war between the gods(What an ''jerk''!),Male

Arch Ennemy:Depends

Villains:God Champions(Chainmaker,Skymaster,....),Hercules(He didnt accept his actions and want to bring him to olympus for him to be judged),Bones Breaker(Electrique,Guerrisite........)

6-Docteur Animal

He was an scientist he used to work on Zyrtex 32(Fiction)for the good of science.One day he had to test the mixture on an Prisoner but he didnt want to(his moral couldnt),the prisoner escaped when Doc was talking,he took the syringe and planted it in the Doc neck than escaped the place. (<<<TOP SECRET HOW DARE YOU! )

Arch Ennemy:Brian Osweld (Male)


Invisible carnage/Nightslayer/Léo/Others

Dark/Life Energy,Prep(Magic) guy,Léo Lightning

Most powerfull




3-R.D. (/I.C.)


2 to 4(Except Léo) are almost equal and i cant realy say who is stronger but.....

5-D.A. (/NS without preps)

6-Mike(Depends on your attack)

Facteur 7(Alliance)


Société des monstres(Taking care of the ''Monsters'')


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