My Thoughts on Alan Moore

I'll preface this with a disclaimer. I love Alan Moore's writings, the man is an amazing writer and I've yet to dislike anything he's written. Now that being said, every time I hear Alan Moore express his opinion, whether it be in an interview or however it should happen to reach me, especially when it's about the comic book industry or in film, I often find myself wishing he were one of those artists who died a long time ago but every few years someone just finds a script he wrote and that get's made...I know I'm a terrible person for thinking this, and I do assure you that I have nothing against people expressing their opinions, but damn I don't think I've ever heard one happy word come from the man.


Why DC has better villains than Marvel

Once again, I'll preface this with a disclaimer, this is only my opinion and shouldn't be taken to seriously and by saying this I am in no way putting Marvel down this is just a thought that entered my head recently. 
So, it's often accepted that Marvel's heroes are much more relatable than DC's heroes. Now this is less true now than it used to be, but for the most part, DC's superheros are kind of larger than life and icons, where as Marvel's are much more down to Earth and feel like they could be people you know personally. Basically it comes down to Marvel heroes like people make mistakes because they're "human". DC's heroes do make mistakes now and again, depending on the story but for the most part they are reactionary characters. For Marvel bad stuff happens because of the mistakes the heroes make (again not always but often). This is why DC's villains come out on top to me. When a bad guy "wins" in Marvel it's because they pressed an advantage granted to them because of a heroes short comings, but when a villain "wins" in DC it's usually because they've just genuinely beat their respective hero. 
Let's look at it this way. I've been watching the Spider-man show from the 90's since it's on netflix. The series of episodes that involved the vampires come to mind as a good example. Spider-man at one point realizes that the vampire who's been hurting college students on his campus is a fellow class mate. He sees this class mate transform back to a human in the sunlight. Then he leaves the guy on the middle of campus because he's got to go work on something for a class. He assumed that the transformation was done for good (kinda what was said in his inner monologue). Thing is, it wasn't a one time transformation, the student became a vampire again the next night and continued to hurt college kids. The villain continued to be successful, yes, but not because he was better than Spider-man but because he took advantage of a mistake Spider-man made.
Now on the other side of this, let's look at one of my favorite stories "Riddle Me That" from Legends of the Dark Knight. At the end of this story the Riddler has put Batman into a situation where he was forced to break into a museum  to steal something for him. Batman tipped the situation in his favor and forced The Riddler to try and run away with the object in question. The Riddler runs into a trap set by Batman involving the son of one of Riddler's victims. The son beats the Riddler up quite severely, the cops show up, and Riddler is put into a cop car to be sent away to Arkham yet again. Batman and the commissioner look at the object Riddler tried to steal (a map that's been folded up till this point) and inside they find a green question mark. Next we see Riddler in the back seat of a car being driven by the same guy that beat him up earlier.  He beat Batman not because of any mistake on Batman's part but because he was able to top Batman when he was playing at the top of his game. 
So that's my argument, DC villains are better because they are able to top their respective heroes on their own merits, they don't need to get lucky and press a mistake on the good guys part.


Spider-man turn off the dark letterman footage
Ok...I tried to keep an open mind about this, the point of a musical is not to tell a great story but to put on a great show and display everything that can be done on a stage just for the purpose of entertainment. So on those terms...this is terrible. The costumes look like the expensive things I'd see at a halloween store, the music and lyrics are repetitive and ridiculous, the dancing is awful, and the singing...can we even call that singing?

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Green Lantern: Flight motion comic

Hey everyone, youtube is being a pain and I had to repost this. I had a mod lock the old topic so here's a link to the new video that I hope you will all enjoy, if you do like it keep in mind it might get taken down or blocked in your country again so there are download links in the video description.
EDIT got taken down again...ugh I hate youtube
EDIT OK, I got the whole thing up on vimeo and it is still available for download, this is the motion comic:
and this video has the download links:


Could it all be the most elobrate comic book hoax ever?

Ok, I have no evidence for the following claims this is just a thought I had, could the DC re-launch just be an incredibly elaborate hoax/unique universe changing event? Now follow me down the rabbit hole on this one. This is all set to go down after flashpoint right? Well, from issue two we know the basic premise here is that Barry Allen is going to try and change the reality created by Zoom back to the one we know, presumably this post re-launch universe will be what we're left with whether or not his plan(s) succeed. Well, with the news that Batman inc should be back in 2012 here's what I think could be going on. Could the entire re-launch universe just be what is going on while a different Barry (ours the one in flashpoint, not the one in the re-launch universe) is still trying to fix everything back to how we know it now, which would happen some time in 2012 when inc comes back...sounds kinda nuts I know but just think about it, wouldn't that be the craziest way to do a universe changing event? 
Obviously this is all complete speculation and just a little bit of apprehension about the re-launch of the current universe, but what do you think?


Old projects

Someone over on youtube asked me to post this, it was a clip from a project I was trying to work on a year or so ago that never got done. Anyway just figured I'd post the link to anyone who's interested:

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My Term Paper

Ok, so I literally just finished my history of 19th century philosophy class a few hours ago. 50% of my grade in this class depended on a term paper in which I had to discuss how a philosopher from that era has influenced the 20th and 21st centuries. I choose to do how Nietzsche influenced graphic fiction. I will admit to some generalizations within, but I wrote this for my professor who has never read a comic book that didn't cost a nickle, so these were necessary. As such, a little to general as a few points I made may be (point about Captain America for example) I do hold that they are still valid. That being said I hope you will at the very least enjoy this paper if not agree with it. I'll post my grade once I get it. Oh, due to the site's limitations I'll be posting this page by page in the comments, so make sure you're set up first to last view style.



I just finished my term paper for my 19th century philosophy class about how Nietzsche has influenced the graphic fiction medium...came in just under thirty pages. Anyone so bored that they want me to post it?