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As much as I love a lot of what you guys posted, I'm very distraught that "Ode to a Superhero" by Weird Al never came up

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Like Wildvine, Sophie based solely on aesthetics.

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@sycomantis91: link can only give ganong trouble if he has the master sword. and yes link is quite an opponent in his own right. kratos and alucard are great opponents. my earlierpost said that ganondorf only beats alucard with the help of his minions.

I just don't think that's enough, really. it's not easy, but I don't see Ganondorf getting through powerhouses like that, I honestly think he'd lose, not easily, but lose, to just one of them. Kratos moreso than Alucard, but I feel like he could pull it off too.

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If we're going off the theory that only those that wield the Light arrows and/or Master Sword can harm Ganon, we have a weapons aficionado that knows all the world's secrets, being hundreds of years old, and the only man that can compete with Link as far as finding mystical and legendary weapons, as well as harnessing weapons made specifically to be impossible for him to do so.

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@sycomantis91: neither of those things you said has much weight. Ganondorf is nigh immortal too

I'm not underrating him, I just feel the other two are being undersold. I'm well aware of his capabilities. He has some impressive feats, but even without the Master Sword, a kid, a talented kid, but a kid nonetheless, can give him minor difficulties. Would Link, say halfway through Ocarina, last more than 5 seconds against Kratos or Alucard? He's clearly the strongest living entity in Zelda's world, but that's a far lower measuring stick than that of the other two, worlds they basically dominate, might I add, more successfully and efficiently than Ganon has in at least hundreds of years.

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@sycomantis91: not in the slightest not to mention op says for round 1 he gets his minions.

I'm well aware. Kratos bitchslaps Zeus and climbs out of Hell Multiple times, and Alucard is a near immortal demon that can plow through advanced, futuristic military weaponry and armorment in nanoseconds. Ganiondorf is powerful and all, but this is just unfair. His minions won't make it like fighting 10 Ganondorfs. I showed this topic to my Zelda obsessive stepbrother and he thinks Ganondorf has less chance than I do.

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Ganondorf is screwed

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I didn't think MvC 3 was anything special, so I'm not crying over that, and I still have 2 for my Dreamcast. Guess I'm still sticking with that. This doesn't look terrible though. Dunno why this is what they're going with, but it doesn't look terrible.

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I think she can handle a cock of any size or prowess. Yet alone this one. For serious, she'd destroy.