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So that's Barry, and Batman looks way older/uglier, I thought they were more or less the same age. Reverse Flash looks very different from Flash. That has to be Thawne. They were supposed to be identical weren't they? It doesn't look too "aneme-ish" to me, which I would be ok with, except WW looks like an anime girl (in that one glimpse) I think it looks cute on her.

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Gregg speaks the truth. We've seen April in many forms, not only in different outfits, but with different hair colour (mostly red or purlple as opposed to brown) we saw her use swords in the 4th movie, and take down quite a few Foot soldiers (which I refuse to believe) we've seen her aith curly hair and thick lips (suggesting that she might have even been African American? Like Savage Dragon's girlfriend) so, even though the 1987 cartoon was what brought most of us to the knowledge of the wonderful phenomenon that is the TMNT, the yellowjacket may not play as hard a role. Besides, I can't remember her wearing it in the first three movies. And the thing about real people, they change clothes

I LIKE Megan Fox. Crucify me. But I don't want April, who is more of a sister-figure, sexualized. I think I can visualize Megan being an older sister to the turtles.

The foot ninja, I like. The militaristic get up looks cool, and let's face it, Real Life could never portray the awesomeness of ninjas. Ninja would evolve to be practical and add more to their arsenal to keep up with the world. "Change is the only constant". The masks look traditional. The get up looks like it can take damage, plus it's black, and I see a hood. What's to complain over that? I only wish the Shredder keeps his traditional samurai garb, which I think was great in the first two movies.

Turtle shells look cool.

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@inferiorego: feature? Of course I would read it lol. You're my favourite write r :D even though I came to it looking for Cap stuff on Google

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Thanks for this blog. I once ran into a pic of 6 old caps in different costumes. I've always liked US Agent. He's named after whiskeys, and you could say he's the Venom to Steve Roger's Spider Man. Or even a Batman to Steve Roger's Superman? Except he doesn't just do what needa to be done at all costs, he goes berserk, (like Venom)

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Before Young Justice,.. i didn't know her. But hey, it's gonna even out the 1:2 girl to guy ratio. Let the orgy commence.

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http://www.comicvine.com/images/1300-3028882 HEY LOOK! It's Scorpion, Jax and Kitana! With a hood! Nice!

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Good ol' Bastich!

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Eh,... I have no argument with the final decision, but it could have had more pull for the turtles. It had to be the contemporary IDW series and not Image. I GET THAT THIS IS A FUN THREAD, sort of a joke, and I'm with you on Fighting Skill and Mentality. Team work maybe screwed up too. Essentially, we have a Wolverine, a Batman, or two (Don's smarts and Leo's discipline) something of a Nightwing in Mike against Batman. That also means the weaknesses of four fighters as well as the strengths. Early on in their career, the Turtles have made a lot of mistakes even though they've always lived fighting and training. But they should be more seasoned later on in their careers, which IDW hasn't gotten to yet. Batman is going up against nothing he's ever seen before, these are mutant reptiles, nothing human. Actually, he's had killer croc. Which makes this the best on the Batman vs fight series. Still, counting shells and training..... then again, Leo and the others maybe good at a certain type of fight, but Batman is more mixed, versatile. I'm just sad that.... as what appeared to be the biggest TMNT fan, you'd give this fight to the NON Turtle party. :P I'll never be able to look at K4tzman the same again.

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I'm liking this "why you should read" series of reviews. This gives me a to do list