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JLA 1 should be Deathstroke instead of Deadshot.

Deadshot's pretty cool. I'm glad to see Deadshot

@sweatboy: I disagree. I don't think there should be elseworlds. Instead, I think people should become less attached to characters in continuity. And if they are attached to character, it is fine, but they should realize that those characters still exist beyond continuity. They had their time to live and exist and now it is time for other characters to shine and for those people to get attached to new characters. Just because a characters lived and died doesn't mean they don't exist. It isn't like anyone is forgetting them. We all loved those characters for what they were. I still love the previous Nova (Richard Rider), but I don't want him back because he was great. If someone DOES bring him back, he would be a different person. Characters are always going to be different under different writers. Each one is a different interpretation of the same character -- or as writers like to say, "essence." As far as I'm concerned, the Richard Rider that I loved so much is dead. I can still go back to read his stories over and over again and there is still a clear definition of who he was. People are obsessed with characters continuing their life. But the reality is that people die. If this is a true (as Grant Morrison says) reflection of our world, death exists. Things in the world end, but the memory is what keeps them alive. That feeling that you get when that person first saved the day or first fell in love is still there. Sure, it might feel different the second time and the third time you read it, but it is still there.

I've had people die in my life, but I don't complain to the higher powers to bring my family back. When a new baby is born in my family, I don't get upset when that baby isn't just like the person who died. And I don't get upset when a new person joins my group of friends and they aren't like the person that died. That is essentially what comic fans do. As far as I'm concerned, the New 52 is a new place with new people and new experiences. I wouldn't want to taint it with an old universe. The old universe would ruin the experience of progress. If the world grows and evolves and comics are a reflection, they should grow and evolve with the world. Even if it does stem from a bad idea. You don't think a lot of these characters that still exist today didn't stem from bad ideas? You think Deadman actually had a following before recently? Other writers make those bad ideas better. It takes time.

I don't think you got what i was saying. I said new ideas should NOT be discouraged. New ideas are important, because readers can pick and chose what they want to believe. That's what i do. I reject Wolverine's Origin story, (even though it IS necessary for Daken, who is someone i LOVE) or at least i used to not believe in Origins, because i prefer Wolverine as an amnesiac. Should Superman have found out his Kryptonian origin? in Lois & Clark, he didn't know before he became Superman. And i think we should love some of these characters regardless of their origins. Because what they do and who they are (personalities, intentions) is what we should care about.

I didn't say anything about dying, but you're right. I think if they kill someone, they should keep them dead. (even though D&R of Superman is one of my favourite books. Superman is too influential to suddenly get rid of) I'm a non-Christian and so I don't believe in heaven or hell, and death to us Eastern folk isn't too weird. We understand it. And therefore i totally get what you're saying about bringing back characters. BUT, these are fictional characters, you CAN mess with them in ways we can't do with real people.

When Superboy fought Side Arm, people kept asking if they would see him again, the editor's response (actually i think it was Karl Kesel's response) was that they keep prodding the body, but he never moved. A story should be a story, and should not be influenced by fandom, and it's actually a GOOD thing to kill some characters before they can be altered. Like Creeper. I'd rather have had him gone (like your Nova) than see this demon version. But who knows? there were other ideas that were hard to get used to at first, (like Cyclops dating Emma Frost, the very woman responsible for messing with Jean's/her Phoenix manifestation's psyche, and Wolverine's bone claw origin story, which was actually pretty neat, and the Young Justice cartoon, which was AWESOME) but were not entirely as bad as when you first heard about it once you did get used to it

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Hey guys, I edited this, because i meant to say something about how working under a tough editor could be annoying (i mean who likes a J. Jonah Jameson?) and that a flexible editor could be a good thing, that's to you doordoor. Also the new ideas should not be discouraged thing, because having more is better than less.



Well, at least i know i'm not alone in this. Idk, on one hand, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and on the other hand, well... new stuff should not be discouraged, i suppose. I mean, everyone from Superman to.. well Creeper I guess, has gone through many changes. They probably figured Creeper was a character insignificant enough that changing him wouldn't impact the big picture too bad. How many characters can you really mess with? Batman? Catwoman? oh no, those characters can only be changed for the better, and they can only be changed so many times, right?

They should just do more Elseworlds, like Marvel's Ultimate stories, without changing the mainstream story. It gets so confusing. You CAN have 2 Nightcrawlers, and you can replace one with the other, i guess. But... know what i mean?

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@doordoor123: that is... why would they do that to the Creeper? I actually haven't read much on him but from what I did, he was funny and loveable. Part of me still hopes that the new 52 is only temporary, like a huuuuge crossover event, till Flash runs into Flash or something.

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Creeper's evil now?? Nice new look Ivy, even though we don't see your legs no more

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@hawkguy: AoA? Yeah that Nightcrawler as well as the Sabertooth and Wildchild are pretty cool

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How about that! Josie and the Pussycats! I don't always admire a Dick Grayson-looking Robin (as Robin, not Nightwing. Nightwing's pretty neat) but that smirking Robin (Galloway) is cool.

Blue Beetle loved it


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So that's Barry, and Batman looks way older/uglier, I thought they were more or less the same age. Reverse Flash looks very different from Flash. That has to be Thawne. They were supposed to be identical weren't they? It doesn't look too "aneme-ish" to me, which I would be ok with, except WW looks like an anime girl (in that one glimpse) I think it looks cute on her.

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Gregg speaks the truth. We've seen April in many forms, not only in different outfits, but with different hair colour (mostly red or purlple as opposed to brown) we saw her use swords in the 4th movie, and take down quite a few Foot soldiers (which I refuse to believe) we've seen her aith curly hair and thick lips (suggesting that she might have even been African American? Like Savage Dragon's girlfriend) so, even though the 1987 cartoon was what brought most of us to the knowledge of the wonderful phenomenon that is the TMNT, the yellowjacket may not play as hard a role. Besides, I can't remember her wearing it in the first three movies. And the thing about real people, they change clothes

I LIKE Megan Fox. Crucify me. But I don't want April, who is more of a sister-figure, sexualized. I think I can visualize Megan being an older sister to the turtles.

The foot ninja, I like. The militaristic get up looks cool, and let's face it, Real Life could never portray the awesomeness of ninjas. Ninja would evolve to be practical and add more to their arsenal to keep up with the world. "Change is the only constant". The masks look traditional. The get up looks like it can take damage, plus it's black, and I see a hood. What's to complain over that? I only wish the Shredder keeps his traditional samurai garb, which I think was great in the first two movies.

Turtle shells look cool.

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@inferiorego: feature? Of course I would read it lol. You're my favourite write r :D even though I came to it looking for Cap stuff on Google