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@cbishop: handlebars do give a feel of bareknuckle boxers. What are the rules for entry? I've been working on a character, might want to tell people about him.

This particular contest was showing an established comic character at their job - what they do to pay their everyday bills. My entry was showing Savage Dragon at his everyday job of being a police officer. That day's work had him fighting my original character of Heironymous. This contest is done, but please do submit a late entry, if you want! I would recommend posting it as your own fic, on the forum, and maybe just linking back to this thread, to say it was in response to this contest. People aren't likely to see it here, unless you call them out.

Oh, I see. Dragon is awesome. I've been a big fan of RoboCop myself, (it was even one of my nicknames at school) and we share that admiration of cops. I remember when I started following you, it was because of a blog you wrote about how more cops need to be in comics, and how cops hold a personal importance to you.

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@miss_quintess: I was JUST gonna say! Lately we've had an overload of Kelly Hu everywhere from Voice Acting to actual appearances. China White doesn't matter. But she qas lady Deathstrike in X2. I first saw her on Marshall Law. Can never get enough of her though. Damn she's a beauty.

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Greg Cipes: Michelangelo, Iron Fist,..... he's played so many awesome characters. So has Tara Strong. I mean, Tara's awesome, she's played everything from Raven to Timmy Turner to Bubbles, each one an icon. But Teen Titans suck now. What do they do? They just hang out and waste time? Raven's father's appearance was interesting, at first. But this isn't Adventure Time and she isn't Marceline. Get serious guys. You take YJ off the air so the Titans can goof around? I like to feel like my life is going somewhere when I'm wasting my time watching cartoons. This is just depressing.

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@cbishop: handlebars do give a feel of bareknuckle boxers. What are the rules for entry? I've been working on a character, might want to tell people about him.

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I'm voting for the handlebar moustached firebreather by @cbishop because he was the only guy who did anything, as in feats. This was the only story that i felt gave any real description of the character. He beat down or at least gave a hard time to Savage Dragon, an established character whose abilities and stuff are pretty impressive. Plus, Dragon's pretty cool. The handlebar was not my thing but hey, it's the author's choice. And i think he did good creating the character.

D-Man sounds like an A-grade asshole, Bianca might have been cool if I actually knew what she did, if i knew what powers she had, "Arm-fall-off Boy"? wtf is he a joke? he is a joke. The haunted was a cool story, just not my thing

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@cbishop: no worries. I do that too. Which Fan-Fic is this related to? Ninja and the Warrior Princess?

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Bishop, buddy! San from Mononoke was an interesting surprise. At first I was like Kung Fu is not what ninja do, and kung fu in kyoto? But this is from before the ninja became a ninja,...

Title is catchy. I'm a sucker for those Ninja x Princess stories, and most of my RPGs take on that theme.

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Trying my hand at Fan-Fics, hope you enjoy. (Trademarks&Copyrights: Marvel/X-Men, Capcom/Street Fighter, Blizzard)

Chapter 1: The rage inside

He smiled as he saw savageness in the big green man's eyes. Although he rarely actually got into a fight, Akuma lived for a challenge like this. His teammates had both nearly perished at Banner's hands, Psylocke having been defeated in less than ten seconds due to a rapid aggressive burst from The Hulk, and Thor managing to give him a decent match, but was still going down faster than the Hulk was. It was finally the demon man's turn, but to his dismay, Hulk tapped out. He respected the level of ability and relentlessness Logan brought to the ring, as he screamed un-intelligibly and charged without holding back,.. but he simply was no HULK.

And then he felt the shift. Ever since he had woken up this day, Akuma could feel a strange shift in the air. He had experienced this before, though he couldn't recall where or when. Soon, he had appeared at a fight, or the fight appeared to him, and he had no complaints except that he would have rather fought someone stronger, and actually capable. But his opponents had not backed down and through minimal fighting, he had gotten through three bouts, letting his team take down most of the competition. He felt bad putting Danny Rand in the spot, a man of equal honour though in a different attitude than his, but Danny would rather have fought unnecessarily than see opponents experiencing Gouki's Satsui No Hadou. However, this current shift was stronger, more like the first one than the ones between bouts and, as he realized, was ill-timed! That could either mean one of two things; the tournament was over, possibly cancelled, or....

Wolverine was still coming at him, bearing claw and fang. Not a split second had passed, wasted on thoughts, but Akuma was always aware of his surroundings, even when in the fight. He evaded by sidestepping around the charging beast, but wolverine was stable on his feet and was one of the most agile creatures to have ever lived. He nearly slashed Akuma before he could recover, not losing any momentum in changing his direction. A diluted hadouken, to push Logan back. "Stop Logan. Look around you" The wild little man charged again, of course. Akuma stepped at him and this time, grabbed his arm while stepping around him, and got a hold from behind. "THE FIGHT IS OVER. We moved"

Wolverine snarled and struggled in Akuma's grip before starting to calm down. Akuma's words only came through his head halfway into a snarl and it caused him to look around and sniff the air. His breathing slowed down and he started to sheathe the claws. Then he was still. Akuma let him go but pushed and jumped back, just in case. After taking a few moments to sniff around and scan their new surroundings, a clearing in a forest, Wolverine took his hood off and gave Akuma a toothful of disdain, half pained, half jealous. Still crouched, he walked up to Akuma with his finger pointed out accusingly. "That's what I hate about you. We got that same anger, the same thing that helps us fight. We even USE it. Both of us. I tried to control it in much the same way as you did successfully, also in Japan. But... look at you, always one step ahead. Always in control,"

At that, Akuma's lips crunched in what seemed to be distaste. It was as if the man didn't recognize the strange compliment, or he didn't know how to respond to it. His eyes were still, didn't change position or show emotion,and his face was always stern and detached. The other man's anger was in his eye as much as in his growls. He didn't look too imposing standing a little over five feet, even lower in his semi crouch. It would have made another man his size laugh, but Akuma knew that this was Logan, a man who wouldn't care about the size of an opponent or the outcome, but go hard at it trying his best to gut anything with flesh, even if he were a giant ten foot tall, and usually walk out being the one alive. And he respected that about him. The name was so fitting; "Wolverine".

"For you it is instinct, friend. For me, like you said I use it, but it is not necessarily natural to me, as much as I adopt it. The intent. We seem to be alienated, displaced from the others, Logan-San. Perhaps, I could try to explain it more, or perhaps we could continue this fight. After all, I did wake up today hoping to kill something. But perhaps when you can better control your anger, I think it would be honourable"

Logan's sour expression curled up at one corner into a wicked grin, eyes looking murderous. Claws on one hand popped out casually as the rest of him stood still. "Honour sounds like a great idea, bub"

Then he sniffed, suddenly catching a scent, "hold on, we're not alone" he looked around, changing stances, pulling his front leg back behind the other, facing to the side "smells like.. your green guy, with the mohawk"


"Yeah, Blanka. Smells like he brought his whole village too," he joked. His partner didn't seem as amused.

Akuma felt the presence, a large presence. More than one, definitely. More than a hundred. He gathered his Ki in his hands and faced the opposite treeline, deciding that back to back, the two expert fighters could hold out longer. "No, there is only Blanka. His family is human"

"Yeah well, you're not smelling what I smell bub. I'd say there was a whole..."

"Army out there?"

Wolverine dropped to a crouch, raising both elbows as his other claw jumped out with more strength. Sure enough, hiding behind the entire treeline, on both sides, were crouching, muscular figures with tall Mohawks. Wolverine's keen eyes could pick out their greenish bodies and long noses. They didn't look like friendly folk.

Akuma smiled over his shoulder. "I did say I woke up hoping for a fight to the death"

Wolverine's teeth gritted. "Bring it on, bub. Make. Our. Day"

Chapter 2 Magnetic Manipulations

"What is this? The Iron age?" Sabretooth asked

"Interesting," was all Magneto had to say.

The Brotherhood, or at least part of it, found themselves facing off against a group of bandit thugs who didn't seem to be able to pick their fights well. Sabertooth wasn't too fond of the ridiculous clothes he was wearing. It wasn't that he disliked lavishing in some civilized garments, as much of a savage he'd be judged and remembered by most, but at the moment he looked like Sebastian Shaw, and he hated that."I think it reflects on your French ancestry" Magneto said calmly. He only wished his stupid minion Pyro would stop his gaze of mockery for the sake of the berserker's control over his rage. Magneto would have had better luck with Toad, who actually pleased Sabertooth more, as well as himself, possibly because of his less-human appearance or because Toad was an older member.Sabertooth's lips parted in a toothy grin of pleasure "Don't matter Magnus, I don't know how these got ON me, but when the claws come out, I can't guarantee what I will be shredding off fir--""No! There's no such need. I want you to keep those on, just in case, until we know what our enemies are like." Magneto was having ideas, weighing assets against opportunities. "Pyro, our friends are coated in lacquer, so use your fuel sparingly while we're here. You won't need it. Besides, campfires seem to be all too common here. But as for this fight....."

Both Pyro and Sabertooth sighed. Denied a fight? Well, Magneto was the boss. And a good one too. Even though it wasn't tanks and airplanes this time, it was still nice to be on the side of the Master when shields and armour plates started flying around. Power was a thing neither lackeys could get too much of. A bewildered bunch of cons, criminals, renegade soldiers and bullies stood naked now and watched helplessly as the trusty swords that had escaped their grips and their cheap armour disintegrated to nothing, only to appear moments later in the form of a beautiful Golem made of shining metal.

"I believe it's time you had a lesson,... in evolution,"

Chapter 3 A cloud of metal dust

Garona and Khadgar had had some time to bond over the scenes of total and utter, yet primitive scenes of Orc-caused destruction. Heads of horses whose bodies had been eaten, burned villages and a trail of darkness. Although Garona had met Khadgar foot first in the face, she had started to trust him more and respect him for his own talents. And even though Khadgar had had some prejudice toward the woman for being what she was, he had come to understand her more, feel almost sorry for her fate, and they both owed each other their lives after their encounter with Khadgar's former master-turned-lord-of-the-Burning-Legion.

"Maybe we should stop for the nigh,.." Garona suggested,

Khadgar was about to snort in suspicion, (she was still an orc) when he noticed her looking at something, with her eyes wide. He turned, and felt it more before he saw it; a huge ball of dust, of metal, was gathering and starting to float around in the sky behind some trees not far away. The nature of these powers were of question. Manipulation of metal was common in spells, but unlike the elements of fire and water, the source of this power seemed to be stronger and rooted deeper within the earth's energies than anything he'd felt before. Metallic to it's core. Garona started running in the direction of the 'storm'.

"No, Garona!"

Great! They see what could be a potential magical threat, of a high magnitude too, (and one which, if magic, he should have sensed before her) and his only ally, as combat savvy as she maybe, decides to rush TOWARDS it. Khadgar caught up as fast he could, unable to think of anything else. Panting, he reached the rogue, who was hooded once more, and looked through the bushes. A white haired man was floating above a group of kneeling bandits, and seemed to be choosing certain units. He seemed to be studying them for skills and supernatural abilities. His armour was red and purple, and unlike anything he had seen, or heard of. But he was human, Khadgar was quite sure. As for his other strange companions, one seemed definitely feral and animal like; whether a dog or a cat, he could not tell. His first thoughts were that maybe the world really did have more species than was accounted for, but seeing as how the third stranger's clothes were certainly and completely...alien, the only answer would have been that these characters were out of place.

Suddenly, the yellow furred and fanged figure turned back looking toward the bushes where they were hiding and sniffed the air. He said something to the mage, who was obviously the leader of this group. Magneto turned around and called at them.

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So, when did the yellow/gold and black scheme come into Barbara Gordon? I was always used to seeing her in grey and black

@the_tree said:

I absolutely love Steph's Batgirl costume.

agreed. the purple and the blonde hair, and maybe a little mischief and youth makes her a cute Batgirl.

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My favorite part about the Mike trailer was the happy dance/victory dance. But hey, that's Mike, he wouldn't be Mike without goofing a little. Wish everyone did a little happy dance though