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the idea is lame, i turn my head away

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@Nova`Prime` said:
" Let's not forget:

So far its a great read, and a friend of mine who has read John Carter tells me the comic so far is keeping pretty faithful, with a few exceptions. "
ABOUT MOBY DICK, i'd rather read a comic about Sea Shepherd's whale wars (where they PROTECT the whale) and i think comics could be used to spread a GOOD message (i know moby dick's already a story and it's simply going to be RE DONE, still...)
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NO MORE NOLAN?????? what does the world hate me? Damn i hate how everyone thinks supes is too "invincible" or "unrealistic", Nolan could have changed this type of attitude.  
"do you wanna see your fave superheroes singing and dancing?"........yyyyyyeah,........

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"she's gonna be part of X-Force, AND WOLVERINE GOT,......mad," sometimes i get sidetracked watching Ms "Babs". Wtf Magneto and Apocalypse? dude Magneto's a GOOD guy, so he tumbles with the good guys sometimes (and originally he was a hardcore criminal) but a) He's Prof's friend, he even took over the team when Xavier died (alternate timeline but he HAS THAT POTENTIAL) and b) he believes in mutant liberation, in X-Men Legends II (titled RISE OF  APOCALYPSE,) Magneto AND ALL OF the brotherhood was teaming up with the X men to fight Apocalypse. THEY WOULD NOT work together. Screw Marvel

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@cbishop said:

 Supes said he chose a bright costume so people would see that he's not trying to hide anything.  He's out there, you'll immediately recognize him, and hopefully, trust him.  In a universe where costumes mean recognition and fame, I think the supervillains wear the costumes so people know who they are. 
1) The few times I have seen it tried in comics, the artist wasn't good enough to make distinctive characters, and often drew them in the same colored suits, trenchcoats, or whatever.  It made it hard to tell which character was which, when the action actually happened.  NO, I don't want to read that. 
2) On the other hand, I think as long as there is a good story going, people won't care whether there are costumes or not.  I also think no costumes lends to the sense of threat level, because anyone in the scene could turn out to have superpowers 

@G-man said:    There are some case where the costume serves as part of the supervillains' schtick like with Rhino or Mr. Freeze
CBishop, Hey buddy. So my reply isn't really to you but the whole topic, but yeah 5 pages of comments? 
G-Man nailed it all, AND CB makes a good point, like even in Dragonball i got confused, cos sometimes they wear the same thing but you're supposed to tell them apart BY HAIRCUTS (which change when they go SSJ) That's actually one of the GOOD examples, and this weekend i bought this book (which included) Mr Parker goes to Washington, (part ONE of three) where for the first time i saw...A BUFF PETER PARKER. I'm ok with the idea, but this was a SUPER BUFF picture, but around his wife and employer Stark.  But in PART THREE, Parker looks like a hobo, which i think IS the best peter parker image, but these 2 pictures were like TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Artists CHANGE and whatever the one before tried to do, the next one MAY or MAY NOT follow, that if not for the S-symbol or bat we could not tell the character.
 I think costumes go for heroes as well as villains. Spidey has a reason to cover his face, to protect his identity and thereby protect his loved ones. Now, although it may not be so noble, villains may have a similar reason to cover their face. At least it let's them stay active for slightly longer and i know Hobby, thanks to your (G-Man's) 3 minute enlightenment did just that. Also like you said, some villains (and heroes) are nothing without the suit, like The Mask. Venom HAS to be in costume, or he's either Brock/Gargan or a symbiote. And as Batman used the symbol of a bat to SCARE people, villains could do that. SOMETIMES the villain's face is scarred, (Dr. Doom, Deadpool although we HAVE seen him without a mask in Wolverine Origins) BUT some like Joker (who had a deadpool incident,) milk it. The car, the planes, the hideouts,...almost every batman villain, i mean NO WONDER they called batman gay. (Dont forget Luthor though) Originally these stories were meant to be THEATRICAL, or to catch the reader's eye with a) images or b) catchy names. And in creating characters, isn't designing them the fun part? giving them something that SAYS i'm me?
And finally costumes are viewed as immature by "society" but when in X-Men (the first movie) Cykes asked Logan if he was expecting yellow spandex, GUESS WHAT? I WAS
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T'Chaala looks,..... :( too much hair? but it makes sense for him to be older

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@digifiend said:
" No Spidey Sense clues yet? I'm stuck on Animal Control, only got 6 out of 9 animal based villains.  Here's some clues: Animal Control: 1. One armed doctor 2. Six armed doctor 3. This horny guy has thick skin 4. An aged bird. 5. Got his powers thanks to J Jonah Jameson. 6. Shape shifter  "
I assume you meant 8 armed doctor? and thanks for those clues i only got 4 still. Did you check the Dark Reign symbiote guy yet? maybe that's your 5. i can't believe i forgot your first clue! duh!
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@ArtisticNeedham said:
" On the Spider-Man cartoon show they handled this subject. Peter is mutating further into a giant spider, he asks for their help because they are mutants and he is mutating and he mutated into the Spider-Man he is. Xavier tells him that while that is true, their mutations are genetic and have been with them since birth, Spider-Man's genes were genetically altered later in life.  So, he tells Peter, that he isn't actually their definition of a Mutant.   (actually I think in the cartoon Xavier tells Peter he doesn't cure mutants.)  But still, I think that he is a different form of mutation.Didn't this happen in the comics too?  During the Stan Lee/Kirby/Ditko era?  Didn't Peter run into the X-Men and Xavier and they talked about this? "
MUTANT AGENDA! yeah Beast tries to help him, it was an X-Men Spidey crossover (but it was the spidey cartoon) THING IS editors and writers screw things up too much, they PLAY GOD with the characters they created BUT Marvel cant DICTATE what a mutant is. And MUTATES were genetically engineered by Sinister, Spidey's mutation was MEANT to happen just like Flash's lightning bolt
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I am SO GLAD someone came up with this topic. i agree with what the user says about some ESTABLISHED characters. I think the problem is a) equal representation? wanting to sell better? and b) that MARVEL ESPECIALLY makes things TOO SPECIFIC. like BLACK LIGHTNING, T'Chaala, or Captain America as you said, Magneto is Jewish, T'chaala is asian, i mean hispanic, no that doesn't work see? Even John Stewart, i remember this scene where he catches a basket ball bouncing out of a field/ring, and an asian guy, or a white guy,.....John fits there more. And CHARACTER PROFILES? Spiderman's hair = brown. Height = 5'11". Wolverine is Canadian. Height = 5'9". Superman's eye colour = blue. wtf? on what basis?
 I'm not american, but for a long time, (even now i guess) i think of the ideal hero being WHITE.  
 Or well, american (my first imaginary character could have fit the "hispanic" or "asian" model as much as white, cos he had dark hair and a fair complexion) but yeah that kinda limits him. Thing about comics is words AND PICTURES. They gotta draw it some way. But Superman,... is Superman white? he's  AN ALIEN for crying out loud. the whole IDEA is he's a VISITOR and IMMIGRANT if you will. And you might want to look up Justice ALLIANCE Superman from "Earth-D", BLACK! But he's a farm boy in Kansas, (adopted) so what should it be? Then we have the legionnaires, they're LEGIT outsiders, ALIENS. And i had a problem when, in the original superman movies, "world domination" to Zod, meant going over to the white house and,...WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE WORLD??? Smallville had one of Zod's sidekicks as a black man, a black Kryptonian. Any problem? i dont see one. Micheal Clarke Duncan as Kingpin, i actually enjoyed that, maybe because i didn't KNOW Daredevil before the movie (and was a fan of the turtles,...dont know how that happens) 
SO I THINK,.......It doesn't MATTER, (unless, like the author pointed out, Captain america, or T'Chaala, or Black Lightning are too specified) and aliens or atlantians or spiderman or mutants could be ANYTHING. Blue haired Hank McCoy, what colour is his skin? Nightcrawler was a German and Mystique can BE anything. RACE here is not even APPLICABLE, yet we tend to give them a race, whereas they dont even BELONG to one. Jean's a redhead (OR IS SHE?) Scott sounds...scottish? but they are also part of a minority! and it's a MARKETING STRATEGY to colour them some way