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personally, like knowing the story before i get into it, i hate suspense. I mean of course i feel like a detective and sometimes when i'm reading through i'll be like,..maybe it's that guy cos he had this connection,...but if it's spoiled for me i really dont care. (unless someone i KNOW beats me to it) I actually read the storyline on wikipedia too. 

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@cadaver said:

. Dick Grayson  as Robin and Wally as Kidflash doesn't seem right either.    They both worked hard to move on in their careers. I'm sure it'll still be a great cartoon, though. "

^ that answers that. Great. Just great. A Young Just Us without Bart? And they're using Dick Grayson from teen titans in Young Justice,.....what tha-? that's BULLSHIT! why would you have the same people from TEEN TITANS when there's a SEPARATE team called YOUNG JUSTICE ??? And FYI Young Justice was teen titans done RIGHT. Raven, Starphire, Dick, beast boy, they HAVE their show, they HAVE their team, so please, LET US have OUR TEAM. But in a way, i'm glad, i can still have MY Young Justice to myself when the young justice the public follows is a FAKE one (you hear me? FAKE)
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that's a very good question. So technically a mutant is BORN as a mutant right? But yeah the writers screwed it up, cos there's no such "x gene" that will give people DIFFERENT superpowers that science cant.....ok no science. When wolverine first came out, (not FIRST but when he was still amnesiac and wondering who he was, thinking about that lab and stuff) i used to think he was a MADE mutant. Of course he survived the experiment thanks to his healing factor, and he had a natural sense of smell, so again this mutant was BORN with it. Or is a lupine considered not a mutant? But what about spidey? i mean,... his powers come from a spider right? and RADIOACTIVE is the key word, has the power to mess with someone/something's genes. Like the turtles,... they're mutants, but weren't born that way, Shredder's MUTAGEN, which was also RADIOACTIVE, CREATED (or as we're using it here, PRODUCED) the mutants. And of course, spidey is TOO COOL to be just human. As we learned in Hulk his genes were PERMANENTLY chenged due to the Gamma ray exposure (BUT he had that serum in him all along) And then,... think about Cap America's Super Steroid.....i mean serum. I would call cap America an enhanced human. Same with DD. They used to be normal, and then they became,...something else. HOWEVER, in both Rogers' and murdock's case, all they got was a little more of what they already had ( or didn't have at all, but still ACHIEVABLE) but Spidey, a) his powers are related to an ANIMAL, and there was no magic here. b) what he can do is different, mind blowing, Cap lifts a car, spidey grabs a falling building, cap dodges a bullet, spidey performs an entire CIRCUS ACT. Now,...his threads are ARTIFICIAL. BUT c) spider sense, now THIS is something that separates him from the ordinary species. So,... i would say, i WANT spidey to be a mutant. Cos his DNA was changed PERMANENTLY, there was RADIOACTIVITY here, and he can do amazing things, AND he considers it a gift AND a CURSE, like the X-Men feel (Beast, and Cyclops and Jean talking about having kids, the Friends of Humanity trying to kill mutants) Spidey has trouble too, and all he wants to do is have a NORMAL life, which is why when he got the chance when there were TWO of himselves alive.... (happens all the time man) he TOOK it. he RETIRED. that's totally a mutant thing to do 

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" The scene sets Jordon up as an immature ladies man, a characterization reminiscent of Chris Evan's Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies with a bit of Tony Stark thrown into the mix."   
Oh so i wasn't the only one. I never saw Hal as a fun character (THOUGH KYLE would fit more into Reynold's portrayal. It's true it's more of a Reynolds than a Hal. First Flight had this same portrayal. And now that you mention it, YEAH Jhonny Storm,.... kinda makes sense. (cannot be unseen) The ikr? scene was totally Ironman. Maybe DC feels insecure about it's potential and wants to try live up to Marvel's standards (which ARE better,...but not in the movies, i'd hate to see DC do the same thing to PLEASE THE GOD DAMN PUBLIC. And the planes, weren't they supposed to be OLD? but yeah modern times,... hence the eject. I would watch Blake Lively, in fact she and Kilowog would be why i'd watch this movie if i ever do. 

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"Wow!" "ikr?" lol. Aww screw Jordan i would have enjoyed a Kyle Rayner movie more, this being Ryan Renolds and all. I never saw Hal as a fun character, maybe he was,...but not when i read. Liked Killorog, oh and Blake Lively? yeah i'm definitely watching. lol@ "there's water in the tap" Those planes  looked a LOT like what i imagined Hal Jordan flying

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@kelvin_oh89 said:
" apparently Speedy won't be included as a main cast member but from the preview I seriously hope they keep him in. His voice acting and his attitude makes him something every team needs "
oh thank god i thought Speedy was Superboy's replacement. The old poster had SB on it, but Speedy's character looks in control.....unless,....he dies? D: He also says DONT call us sidekicks, just like how SB gets pissed. I'd say the character traits match, and they made SB appear as Speedy for the show. So either Speedy looks TALL or Tim is short. I assumed for a long time that Konner and Tim were like the same age, although Tim's age could be determined from how he was on Dick's knee (no homo) the day Dick's accident happened,and how Dick is usually portrayed as a college age Robin. Someone asked which Robin this is, i thought it was obvious but now i'm curious, this IS Tim right?
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 NO SUPERBOY????? D: *sigh* Oh well, i like Speedy's "DONT call us sidekicks",...oh and wasn't ARROWETTE promised to be in this? Maybe Konner isn't a REGULAR but shows up eventually? still, :(  OH and liked speedy's cap too,  

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@Maxwell Lord the fourth said:

" Well,telepathy only works if he catches him unawares,the Flash can accelerate his mind to protect himself from it. "  

lol i can just imagine someone trying it on Bart 

@velle37: i just realized that Lex was controlling the mind. I too said Barry would know what he was doing but Wally's like....more in it for the show, he's almost half a superhero, since he doesn't use his skills right, but he's more experienced now, and is confirmed fastest. Lex is still a genius who can figure out Wally's skills, but he wont be as experienced, Martian might even pull one intangible move if the Flash was coming fast (but it HAS been said the Flash moves too fast for him to see)
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Why dont u read the other posts. then come back and post something intelligent "

   i wrote a long paragraph here but since i was the last to comment it wouldn't show. I was saying how a) 12 pages, you really want me to read all 12 pages? and i try to go 2-3 pages usually, which i did. I also have real shit to do and as fascinated as i am i dont want to spend that much time. And i dont see how my point is not valid, if Martian stays in the sky, how can Wally make CONTACT? Martian could still throw stuff at wally or use projectiles, Wally would move, but for how long? Thing about the flash is he's fast AND can run for hours. You know anyone who can do BOTH? Also the IMP, it should be based on E=mc^2, which basically means it's a punch made of pure energy, like a nuclear bomb. So how does the image used to demonstrate the IMP not show the punched guy turn to dust? Stuff in comics is not real, they CAN BE real, and to me, comics are just an interpretation of what ACTUALLY DOES go on in another dimension but the REAL flash would do it way different from what we could even imagine. In that world characters dont die on poll counts either. I notice your pro pic being of a boxer, have you ever tried sparring anyone of a different style/art? i'm sure that, say (depending on skill) a Judo guy could use your strength against you to pull you down to the ground, and all of a sudden it's a different ball game. Happened to me once, but it was my stupid mistake, i over committed he took it. So it's not all speed and power. Wally's got that. But Martian's got more. 
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@velle37: i just realized that Lex was controlling the mind. I too said Barry would know what he was doing but Wally's like....more in it for the show, he's almost half a superhero, since he doesn't use his skills right, but he's more experienced now, and is confirmed fastest
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Martian can FLY,....i'm a big fan of the Flash, (Barry and Bart) Barry Allen was an intelligent man who KNEW what he was doing. Wally,...... but since, as i mentioned, Martian can fly, he wins. (Flash is fast but he's mostly on the ground) AND Martian can teleport and go intangible