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gravitational pull being much stronger than Earth's (original idea for Superman's powers). The Kree buried citadels in the North Pole that Ronan used later. Mar-Vell is an alien who decided to side with Earth (and has a young male friend he bonds with over wrist-worn appendages) Clark was an alien who naturalized himself to our side as well, and gave Jimmy a special wrist watch. Both Clark and Marvel have their symbols on the chest, although tha's kind of common among superheroes/villains, and both distaff counterparts share the chest symbol of their peers. They both have the last name "Danvers" (although Matrix and Linda came later, '88 and '96, so if anyone copied that it was SG) Kara wore a red bandana, Carol wore it over her hips. Kara, Carol. Even in appearance, they're similar, although one could argue blonde superheroes are common. Remember, Janet Pym and Wanda were in the Avengers before Marvel, and they were not blonde. Neither was Black Widow. This thread is 6 years old and im totally getting scolded. But the truth must be told (i would say TRIBUTE character rather than "parody")

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@chaos911: @inferioregoi watched it. I was hanging out in a spot where i could watch this for free, had three hours to kill. Rocket's character was better than i had expected, and for the first time, i have some respect for Bradley Cooper, the guy who was the weakest link in Jennifer Garner's ALIAS. He's not just a cuddly animal, he's been put through some misery. Out of the Guardians, he's the best. While, Starlord is a Rip Hunter with Sandman's mask, (and has had crossovers with Adam Strange, apparently) It was cool to think of Vin Diesel and Bautista in the same movie. If they had a fight, it would have been pretty rad, but the tree creature isn't exactly Vin. He's cool in his own way, but he isn't Vin. Zoe Saldana had that green roommate in Star Trek, and i thought it was funny to see her in green here. Of course, Gamora wasn't the first weird coloured alien she's played, the internet has dubbed her "green netyri", as in James Cameron's Avatar. Rocket speaking about having a plan, reminded me of the A-Team. Whether this was deliberate or if it was happy coincidence. That troll was funny

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Then again, canon vs non-canon, I suppose a perfect answer is "Well, he's a comic book character. He'll be as old as you want him to be, but usually a young adult, a teenager at the mid-to-higher end of his teens

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In "Joker's Wild", (2nd mini series) he's not old enough to get a driving license. So 14 or 15. After that he starts driving the Red Bird (he chases Azrael, Red Bird to Batmobile, so Knightfall is closing up) He's mostly in High School so throughout the 90s, he ages 4 years. 15 to 16 to 17 to maybe 18 (whereas the Kid from Metropolis/Hawaii got stuck at 16, forever) Oh, and that time with Klarion. That was important. As well as Titans Tomorrow. I like this thread. Thanks for bringing it up. YJ rocks!

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@inferiorego "One of the biggest films of the summer was Guardians of the Galaxy, a C-list Marvel team of no-name characters,"

still haven't seen it, don't know if i want to. It's cos they have a talking raccoon. Kids love talking pets. Marvel makes their movies for kids, and almost make a mockery of superheroes. Instead of stuff like Captain Mar Vell and the Inhumans, or the X Men. There were 3 X Men movies (and they announced an Inhumans movie and we know Thanos is going to be in something, and Secret Wars might be a thing) but remember how the X Men TAS used to be? dude, it was a cartoon, with some sort of fantasy in the form of mutant powers, but also very action themed and adult. The bodies of those superheroes gave me a new reason to live. First Class and Future Past were awesome, nothing to complain there. But the first 3,.... they did have a lot of drama that was definitely not child-audience, and heavy political themes, like the X Men apparently should. Liev Schreiber was also a terrific Sabretooth in Wolverine. But the first 3 X Men movies, even though i enjoyed them, and would have watched them anyway, just didn't have the same tone as it should. The Avengers of course (not a story i ever followed) is just pop culture. It actually illustrates what society is primarily like. I liked how Captain America and Avengers tied into the complete Lionsgate animation, and how Winter Soldier had some Civil War int it.

Marvel MUST have an inside guy at DC, because look at that! Groot = Swamp Thing, Garona and Spectre are both green but other than that, not much. Or, DC wanted Marvel to try the lesser known thing first, because they didn't want to bank too much.

Always enjoy an article by inferiorego, and what everyone really wants to see, is New Gods.

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i didn't know Star trek had a Sh'iar race. This is only concerning the Next generation series, not the original Kirk and Spock stuff. http://www.comicvine.com/profile/blog/star-trek-silver-hawks-x-men-and-titans/101099/

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the one where Deadshot "FAPP"s

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i liked things like how Felicity calls work and says there's been a "death in the family". I thought this was going to be the worst episode ever and almost decided to skip it, but decided to go through in case there was something important. It was a murder mystery. The way Oliver gets up on the roof and analyses the scene, figuring out where the arrows came from,.. we don't get to see him go Batman, like Barry does in Flash. I liked how "cold and rational" he was, but Diggle was right. It seemed like it was a shock to Oliver at the sight of her body, but with Nyssa almost having killed her in the last season, i guess he was used to it. (Did "they don't target their own" make sense? was it consistent? I guess last time, Sara was a renegade, and this season, Sara had re-joined the League. I still think it was Ra's who shot her

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I'd love to see a Flash movie, but I'd want it to be about Barry Allen. If so, then Bradly Cooper I think is the best choice for Allen

Actually, i think he'd be a better Wally. Couldn't get used to the guy from Hangover playing "Crew Cut"

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Flash is great, i love Flash, but a Flash movie announced on the same year as a Flash TV series? Isn't that moving too... neeeever miiiind