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Yes, Medusa, that's real cute, until it tickles Black Bolt's nose and makes him sneeze.

Still, d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww! X3

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That Leonardo picture is Ah-May-Zing!

No kidding. Who knew that Leo was such a tank?!

That's turtle power for you.

That's.... Inhumane!

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Aww, you quoted me! And highlighted stuff. So sweet, but it wasn't an attempt to defend Caiti's acting silly, I was replying to HCH (HaydenClaireHeroes), not you!

First of all, she doesn't need defending because acting is only subjective to the character and a leather wearing biker chick like Canary might work well with the blankness. I actually know a couple ex-Army chicks who talk in that deadpan tone/voice and act all tough, which makes it easier for me to relate to Sarah as a realistic character. That scene where they compare scars after a sparring session looked natural to me. In fact, i think she shows way too MUCH concern for someone trained under the League of Assassins, trained to not care and get the job done.

Second, are you actually criticizing acting on a CW show? lol, you must be SO HARDCORE! Everyone on this show breathes in mid sentence, which is pretty annoying. It's like they're taught to rehearse that way and they're all bad actors. Caiti's lack of emotion actually helps with that, not carrying any of that which all of the other actors, (except Moira, Walter, and Felicity) have. And you think Thea's better than Sarah? really? She's the romantic element for female fanfare. What are you going to commend Colton Haynes next, on what a great actor he is? I choose to look over the details and enjoy the show. If you haven't noticed, 'Arrow' is a very action based show. They should do more of what they're good at, and less of what sucks. I enjoy the show, but it's not half as great as it could be or how much the fans raise it up to be. It's probably not going to live too long, just stall time till Flash comes around, which is sad.

Don't bother replying to my post. If you don't like the show, just stop watching it, if you keep watching, and is in no power to change what the CW thinks the show should be, I'm sure they have balm for your ass. I'd like to see the Juliard Diplomas of all the acting critics commenting here. I don't have one myself, but I don't believe any of you actually KNOW what you're talking about.

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Do i like Sarah? After Amell and Diggle, and Deadshot (psychos FTW!) she's my favourite thing on the show. Cos she's a more serious, kickass Canary (the way Canary is SUPPOSED TO BE) than Laurel's whiny dramatic self. I mean we HAVE seen Laurel kicking around, in fact saving Ollie from a couple thugs, but during the first season, she was the center of all drama. Felicity..... she can be funny, and quirky, but she needs to be more nerdy and less hot. Everyone's going crazy about "Olly-City", but in my opinion, that's gonna make the show more Iron Man and Pepper Pots. I think Downey's "Iron Man" was more Olliver Queen than either Justin Hartley or Amell. I mean, Amell can't do it now because it's already been done, which sucks for DC. I miss the PTSD Olliver from the first season, especially the pilot when he's having nightmares and he flips Moira on the ground. But now that Sarah's on, she connects Ollie back to the Island. Flashbacks are THE BEST PART. I think she was always supposed to be in the show because she was in the pilot, and she can kickass. IN FACT, they dropped a hint.

They probably always had the plan of including her as a regular. Sometimes i think DeathStroke came in too early. it's as if the show could end too soon :( But Season 3 is already confirmed, at least. I also have this theory that Sarah's gonna die and Laurel's gonna take up her cowl, in her honour :(

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Also, these guys are making an intro on Arrow

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Care Bears, MLP (90s) Holograms,... Joes, COBRAAA!!!! X Men, a certain collection from DC, Sonic and his Freedom Fighters, THE TURTLES! That's actually #1, Robin Hood and his Merry Men (not fictional? *shrugs*) Foot Clan, Hand, Arashikage, various Power Ranger villains, the Power Rangers,... i watch too much tv. Potato Head gang, OH, other X teams actually, including Generation X. Young Justice (SB, Tim, Impulse, maybe Beast Boy, Arrowette + Arsenal) League of Shadows, because a) they're the equivalent of the Hand/Foot in DC, Wild C.A.T.S, Cyberforce, a lot of robot-themed people interacting with each other, and custom personal team ups that will probably never be legal between companies. And the Lin Kuei+Shirai Ryu. And Star Sheriffs. And Thundercats. Thanks for creating this topic, btw. Mighty Mutanimals and Bucky O'Hare's team

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Damian Wayne...

See below

My vote's on Tim, but i guess Damian's had his times too. I only thought he was a dick and a half but in Night of the Owls he showed responsibility, commandment and how he's a creation of the Leaugue

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Kind of really love the idea of Tim as a Blue Lantern.

^This makes me really happy.

he's got a good heart.

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Quick question about Leatherhead. What's his status? He fought Tragg and dragged him into Dimension X with him, then the portal closed. Did we see LH after that? I watched all of season 1 today + Metalhead, but I can't remember what happened with LH

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+ Dat Savage Dragon