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Also, these guys are making an intro on Arrow

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Care Bears, MLP (90s) Holograms,... Joes, COBRAAA!!!! X Men, a certain collection from DC, Sonic and his Freedom Fighters, THE TURTLES! That's actually #1, Robin Hood and his Merry Men (not fictional? *shrugs*) Foot Clan, Hand, Arashikage, various Power Ranger villains, the Power Rangers,... i watch too much tv. Potato Head gang, OH, other X teams actually, including Generation X. Young Justice (SB, Tim, Impulse, maybe Beast Boy, Arrowette + Arsenal) League of Shadows, because a) they're the equivalent of the Hand/Foot in DC, Wild C.A.T.S, Cyberforce, a lot of robot-themed people interacting with each other, and custom personal team ups that will probably never be legal between companies. And the Lin Kuei+Shirai Ryu. And Star Sheriffs. And Thundercats. Thanks for creating this topic, btw. Mighty Mutanimals and Bucky O'Hare's team

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@gabranth said:

Damian Wayne...

See below

My vote's on Tim, but i guess Damian's had his times too. I only thought he was a dick and a half but in Night of the Owls he showed responsibility, commandment and how he's a creation of the Leaugue

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@captaintightpants12 said:

Kind of really love the idea of Tim as a Blue Lantern.

^This makes me really happy.

he's got a good heart.

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Quick question about Leatherhead. What's his status? He fought Tragg and dragged him into Dimension X with him, then the portal closed. Did we see LH after that? I watched all of season 1 today + Metalhead, but I can't remember what happened with LH

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+ Dat Savage Dragon

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@edamame: Say whaa? I always took Sinister to be a henchmen to Apocalypse, it's been so in AoA and the Ultimate/Legends games, even this thread confirms that Apocalypse was the maker of the slave. The very picture you shared before this says so. But to think Sinister went toe to toe with the big man? I thought Apocalypse was as big and evil as it gets in X Men storylines. He could even contend with the likes of Darkseid, maybe Thanos. I'm reading Inferno these days, Sinister just made an appearance. Though this forum is 3 years old, I feel like adding a few more.

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"Arrow's been taking the Nolan Batman approach", not necessarily. Yes, the parallels of billionaire playboy having to survive in harsh conditions and being taught by mercenary ninja types to reinvent the image are there. But rite of passage stories are a common thing. Tarzan killing his leopard, Hercules' Nemean lion and Mowgli vs Shere Khan are (though not exactly the same) can be similar premises. Robinson Crusoe and the Tom Hanks movie immediately come to mind, but only as far as surviving on the island, not the ninja stuff. And not the trained by a badass villain bit. There were some real life Robinson Crusoes like Robert Knox too. Plus, it follows GA Year One too. I think the island is a good idea and is what makes GA something to respect. Plus the PTSD really appeals me, Batman Begins didn't do anything obvious with that

Barry's parents weren't always dead. He had a great family life before he died in Crisis, and in the old tv show, and when was it? After rebirth that they made Reverse Flash kill his parents? It's more of a flashpoint thing than anything

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Faora only had superpowers on Earth, so as long as the fight is specified to be on Earth, I say Faora has enough "experience" being a soldier whereas Thor is a lazy god. Strength may not necessarily make a valid argument against dirty fighting.

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For a second there, I thought we were still talking about Michael Bay