which of wolverine's 2 costumes are cooler?

Wolverine has been seen in a couple outfits, the all black (or dark blue) shirt and X belt, the vest, jeans and cowboy hat, a trench coat, especially from Scott McNeil's wolverine, BUT MOST POPULAR OF ALL, the superhero costumes from comics, 1) the blue and yellow stripes and b) tan and yellow. 
Now, as a fan of the X-men TAS (and NOT a fan of Evolution) and the X men in general, i like the blue and yellow (you know which it is). Now even this one costume has a few variations, like one with whiskers, very goofy but held very high among collectors and critics. Then there's the Tan uniform that Daken wears. He maes it look cool. The tan uniform's darker, not as much as that X-Force suit i saw somewhere but darker than the blue and yellow, and you don't find the blue and yellow suit in pictures like these http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/sweatboy/all-images/108-55341/1601683_what_if__200_005_06/105-1791285/ Then again, most of Logan / James Howlette's big battles can be found with him wearing blue, Hulk (the first ever fight t least) Lobo, in Marvel vs DC that was a one time thing, but then you find him wearing both suits, http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/sweatboy/all-images/108-55341/wolverine_vs_cyber/105-1480873/ and http://images.checkoutmycards.com/zoom-back/570e3b08-e613-4bf4-a116-44602fb8149c.jpg The other time i saw this contrast between the 2 uniforms was in the New X-Men 1-7 collection, where half the book he's in tan and the other half he's in blue and yellow. Might his split have happened to go with X-men Blue and Gold? i think the costume was introduced before though, and the official uniform of the X-men, the one worn by the 5 original X-men were blue and gold, and has nothing to do with Wolvie. 
I myself, i like Blue and yellow, and yes James Marsden, when you said "What? Were you expecting yellow spandex?" in the first movie,.... YES I WAS! I also like Daken: Dark Wolverine

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