This great book I picked up at the bookstore

 So I know I’m gonna look like a complete idiot writing about a well known (if not THE most popular) book about comics on a site where the common interest is COMICS, but my mind was SO BLOWN OUT I had to write this! Last….oh summer, I thought it was over a year ago, I was deciding between buying Denny O’Neil’s guide to writing comics and Understanding Comics (The Invisible Art) by Scott McLoud. With a little persuasion I bought the Writing Guide which WAS cheaper and I learned about a few secrets as well as some things I probably HAD thought about, and when I reached the end it RECOMMENDED the other book! So my blog’s about Understanding Comics btw. Now I’m barely through 20 pages, even AFTER I bought it, but now that it’s with me I WIL complete it (someday). It starts out with the writer’s entrance into comics (got hooked in 8 grade on the very first book, decided to draw in 10 grade, HOLY SHIT ME TOO! Except I never considered comic books to be “stupid” as he did even though I DID read “real books”) and moves on to defining comics, starting with Will Eisner’s   definition of “sequential art” and adding bits to it till they come to the dictionary term. (There’s 4 dictionary terms in this panel btw, one is general about the art FORM while the 2 calls it “Superheroes in bright colourful costumes fighting dastardly villains who want to conquer the world, in violent sensational pulse pounding action” which the bastard author CUTS OUT, along with 3: cute cuddly bunnies and roly poly bears dancing hipity hop and 4: corruptor of the nation’s youth. Obviously the guy’s making fun of popular misconceptions by society, but if it weren’t for superheroes, and the biggest names in the industry like Marvel and DC we wont HAVE comics. Did I tell you about the guy who asks “What about Batman? Shouldn’t Batman be in the definition?” during his definition? I was like really? You must really not want me to buy this book) The cool thing is WHILE he defines it he indirectly displays it through the ART because THE BOOK itself is a COMIC! And then the author shows how ancient Mayan manuscripts and frikking Egyptian PAINTING (NOT hieroglyphics) as COMICS! And I was like,…WOA! No wonder this shit catches on! And it’s true what he says, that most information around us (an example given being safety instructions on airplanes) is given in comics form. I remember when my parents were telling me off about how comic artist wasn’t going to work, that advertising was something my neighbours offered as a ray of hope. Back to the book, it’s really funny, there’s SO many pictures and symbols and SO many jokes (like the last one I saw, an arrow pointing left, (opposite to the direction we read in) that reads “reality this way”. 

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