Older times, comics and cartoons were better (rant)

Now, i don't want to sound like "Back in MY day...things were all better" and maybe it IS that complex, but i REALLY have a problem with entertainment nowadays. Actually they came up with ONE cartoon that's better than it's older version, TMNT. Watching the Fred Wolf cartoon i thought "wow this is it", then i DID read the comics, and when i heard there was a new show i was like REALLY? Little did i realize it was owned by Mirage and it was, how do you say....AWESOM-ER and closer to the original thing. I guess GI Joe got better too, since Real American Hero was CRAP. But all in all, i would like to say the themes, the art and the character depths of some old (80s and 90s) were really great. And if you look at the EARLIER versions (60s/70s) well,... let's just FORGET those, i haven't watched them much anyway. (Some filmation shows though, Tarzan, Zorro, impressed me more than newer ones would, maybe it was my age, but even at that age i could tell all those shows had the same plots and they had repetitive scenes). 
 You see what i'm saying here right? X-Men, the ripoff Ultra Force, Savage Dragon, the comics of the X-Men were drawn like the popular cartoon as well. And they started drawing Lois Lane like Teri Hatcher right? (same era, i WANT to say Lois&Clark were a good show but i cant remember it well enough) And the music, the FEEL of X-Men TAS was GREAT. There were people kissing and wearing sexy clothes,....it WASN'T for children, but it was GOOD. Compared to NOW though,....unless they come out with a MOVIE, these cartoons are too....for children. X Men Evolution kept it decent still, the characters were younger, but therefore imperfect, which was strange (seeing Cyclops willing to cheat in a capture-the-flag game) but then they had to do Brave and the Bold and Super Hero Squad. But ok, TV is mainstream, children have more access to it, whereas comic books which you have to willfully pursue are more ADULT,...EVEN SO! They had to bring the covered head back on Cyclops? and the way they draw Wolverine's costume.....it's so much more different. Although i like to say BTAS was the greatest Batman series ever "The Batman" which came out later was actually better, (just had to get used to the change) even Double Dragon which i KNOW is kinda lamish, and,...what other cartoons were there? Conan, (the adventurer but the comic was there too and i guess it hasn't changed much.) Even Thundercats, which plot wise was pretty ridiculous, was rich in morals, (or was supposed to be) it had a higher level of "macho", i remember me and my friends were impressed about the art and the muscle, (and the way they spoke too) but any cartoon i happen to stumble upon these days are VERY SOFTCORE and i'm wondering,...HOW DO KIDS WATCH THESE??? there is NO VIOLENCE (and even in X Men TAS though the fights LOOKED cool they would just begin and end and weren't TOO violent) Ben 10 was a good original cartoon i liked, it had some references to old characters like this green watch he uses to turn into aliens which even in DESIGN was close to GL's power ring and some of the aliens he turned into looked like the Human Torch, or the Hulk/Goro or reminded me of the Flash or Aquaman, and "man of action"s 2nd creation, Generator Rex was equally "watchable"

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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

i belive its man of action not action man and he didnt create genereator rex...its based on a comic from the 90s 
and the batman is not better than tha btas at least not in my opinioin but it IS better than a lot of people say it is 
but for the most part  i agree with you, the violence in modern cartoons is alot less graphic but in some cases like Avengers,spectacular spider-man and wolvy and the x-men make up for    
mindless violence dosnt make thing mature but violence in the right6 places does
Posted by sweatboy
@Avenging-X-Bolt: ooh a reply :D  
Yes Man of Action, did i really write Action Man? sorry i mean Man of Action. To me THE Batman is less theatrical and to the point, although it DID have that kiddy feel. They ruined Joker, but did good with the Riddler, Catwoman was amazing, the only thing i didn't like (besides Jamaican Joker) was Clayface's origin, but it worked out like a 2-face. In BTAS if you watch it now, it's too.....20s? i mean it's MEANT to be set in an old era, but it's too....James Bond/Indiana Jones.  BTAS has panthers attacking the Batman in a Mayan pyramid which i thought was lame, whereas The Batman actually faces a legit challenge. The fighting sequences were great. The Cape was longer and the Tech was up to date. I like how the Billionaire wore sneakers to work as opposed to the BTAS guy. It's almost like the Burton films vs Nolan films.  
Never watched Wolv+the X-Men (saw Polaris in her green Scarlet Witch uniform and other heroes, but it just didn't have that.....FEEL. Plus i never acknowledged Emma Frost joining the X Team, to me she's still the corset wearing villain from the Inner Circle. I like Generation X, still,...Emma Frost marrying Cyclops? never happened to me. By Avengers did you mean the one with Tygra voiced by Rogue? yeah,.. that kinda was interesting to watch, (also that spiderman which answered MANY questions) but THE ART....it wasn't the same. Too CGI for me (whine whine) 
"  mindless violence dosnt make thing mature but violence in the right places does" LOL good one.
I remember when watching the Fred Wolf TMNT there was a confrontation between the turtles and some thugs, the music playing in the back was an indication for a fight to start and i was excited. But instead the bros solved this one by demonstrating their strength lifting up a TRUCK. Then Leo would say "Violence dont solve anything" (although the series was softened up for kids), i was sad but i learned a lesson. And the Neutrinos, i saw them as punks or hippies ad there's a line in one of their episodes where a turtle says "Grown ups don't understand that we kids don't want to fight, we just want to have fun" a total make love not war quote
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

i liked their joker but still wish they had mark hamills voicing him and i was actually referring to Avenger:Earth Mightiest Heroes  the one you were thinking of was Avengers:United They Stand wich ummm.........was a crapfest 
but other than i completlley agree with you let the little kids watchsesame street and make comic cartoons for the young adults and grown ups 
both versions of X-Men were just beautiful pieces of animation

Posted by sweatboy

idk i was 6 when i got into turtles and X-Men, i used to have just the one channel (National TV with educational programs and stuff like X Files which were too much for me) but i had wanted some ACTION! some VIOLENCE, just mild cartoon stuff. And i got it. But when i went out to buy a movie with my cousins they let me pick one, i tried to pick a JLA movie, or WW but their  father was like can't watch PG-13! i mean WTF????? well, turns out Under the Red Hood had prostitute references and people burning, even JLA Crisis on 2 earths had some Masochism, you know adult stuff, and it WOULD have been a bad idea to get tha for the kids, being a movie. But i mean come on do we REALLY need to censor so much violence? the new TMNT cartoon, see THAT is what kids NEED and even the Fred Wolf one had enough roButt kicking. Mummies Alive if you've seen  it has a line "Let's kick some Tut" cos there are these Tutankhamen mummies. No one has a problem with THAT? (i mean they shouldn't, but it's a little juvenile. I also see trying to use violence and slang, like focusing more on that and less on the actual plot/character to get kids attention is a fail too. BTAS and X Men TAS had a great balance. at the end of the episodes you'd feel accomplished, like you've learned something or had an adventure. Avengers They stand United (yep i was actually gonna use the name butt i wasn't sure if that name had been used more than once, considering how Earth's Mightiest was also a movie, which was better) did kinda disappoint me, maybe cos i didn't know the people as well, then again i never knew of the X Men before the cartoon. Yeah i remember watching the mini episodes on Youtube and going wow, Disney didn't ruin it! (It was Disney, i was expecting....what this note says)

Posted by Squares

Maybe it's time for me to branch out in terms of comics, but are you honestly trying to argue that early 90s/late 80s x-men was better than it is now?
No. Just...no.

Edited by sweatboy
  @Squares: hi,.. well you remember i haven't read too many comics, and i like Jubilee. I didn't have any Marvel comics when i was 13-18, except for some my cousin sent me from America. But i've been reading more, and when i read in,.. 2008? Cyclops was with Emma Frost, his head was covered, Beast had more "feline" features, but for what reason was unclear and does it fit in BETTER than what he was? concerning mostly the ART and costumes. STORYWISE, it was more about,... i don't even KNOW what it was about, there was no action, and from beginning to end it was... relationship stuff i guess,.. and Kitty Pryde coming to class late. But that was just one book. And of course i've read comics like that before, given i've mostly read Justice League (Int + Europe) but they would have SUB PLOTS while they looked for new places or dealt with members leaving. One story i liked was when Namor turned out to be a mutant, was living with the X Men aboard Utopia and had to kill his own wife. It wasn't pretty, but it was a tweest. Besides Wolverine's origin made a bigger noise those days.  
so why do you say it's better nowadays? I don't like the current cyclops, and btw i read and liked Age of Apocalypse, (through a collection made of bits and pieces from everywhere) And thanks for commenting.  

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
  but for the most part  i agree with you, the violence in modern cartoons is alot less graphic but in some cases like Avengers,spectacular spider-man and wolvy and the x-men make up for   
Oh yeah i hadn't watched Spectacular Spiderman when i wrote this. It was pretty cool. The art kinda looked ridiculous (or childish rather) but i like it better than the art in X Men Evolution or even the crapfest Avengers you mentioned, lol. I guess the origins,.. happened too fast, and he's friendlier with Marco, but hey it's SPIDERMAN, he HAS to be friendly. Looking forward to the new movie, didn't like McGuire's too much although i paid money (i love Sam Raimi, although...)
Posted by Squares

You asked if I'd read much of the X-men from the late 80s/early 90s; it turns out I've read a decent amount of material from around 1985 to 1990, and that's where my knowledge gets patchy.
Kind of ashamed to admit this, but I didn't watch TAS as a kid. I did watch Evolutions, which I didn't mind.
I remember Random, he was a mainstay in Exiles for a while. I've seen him in some X-factor, too, but I lost track of which issues he appears in, so I haven't seen him around in a while (that series is looong).

Posted by Squares

Wow, you sound so OLD. And none of the X-men titles are really for kids...except for Wolverine and the X-men, which doesn't count.