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Nay. 90s-clops is the best-clops, but if he can't feel the wind in his hair, the Utopia costume is the best. Why change it, unless you're worried about people mixing him up with O5-clops?

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@80sBaby: Seems to me that his life was in danger.

And insanity is no excuse either. People are responsible for their actions, no matter their mental state. Scott is responsible for killing Xavier, just as Wanda is responsible for killing any mutants who were physiologically dependent on their mutation (Gazer, for example), and bears partial responsibility for what happened as a consequence of her actions.

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@Dernman: Being in multiple places at once didn't seem to get him any peace during UXM19. Xavier definitely seemed to have some level of power against the Phoenix, and Scott seemed to be in some distress. There's no reason to believe that Xavier posed no threat at all to Scott, albeit not the Phoenix force itself. And possession is very rarely an excuse. It certainly wasn't in the case of Scott, as his reacions were rational for himself, but not for the Phoenix Force. Xavier was trying to shut him down so that Wolverine and friends could kill him, and seemed to be having some sort of an effect. Scott put a stop to it and defended his own life.

If you want to bring up Wanda, then possession isn't an excuse for her either. She just cold-bloodedly committed genocide to get back at her father.

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@Dernman: Could he have left? They seemed to be pursuing him all over the Earth. I think that self-defence against a fellow trying to turn off your brain is a legitimate use of deadly force.

Now, that being said, I don't think that saying that Cyclops isn't as bad as the morally abominable Scarlet Witch is really a winning strategy. Cyclops must stand or fall on his own merits, not because Wanda Maximoff is an utter monster.

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Well, the government can't be too zealous about coming after Cyclops. They've been avoiding serious confrontations with Magneto for decades now (at least since Fatal Attractions), and I can't imagine why that would change just because he's fallen in with the leader of all mutantkind. When you're the most personally powerful man on Earth, you get a lot of leeway.

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@RedOwl_1 said:

@sw04ca said:

No Secret?

Not an official member

Sure she was. She was the fourth member.

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No Secret?

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@Super_SoldierXII: Interesing thoughts, and you could certainly make an argument of this. The GenX kids and Iceman will attest to the difficulty of trying to have any kind of emotional connection with her.

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Current one is nice, but I always liked the Jim Lee 90s look best.

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@McKlayn: Yeah, if Hope is going to be around, they really need to settle her into 'the gang' a bit and build some relationships with established characters. As it stands, she makes me think of the Joseph Magneto, a character who is standing in for another and who you know is going to come to an end sooner rather than later.

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